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Miranda Lambert - Dead Flowers (Chord)
Submitter: surferbabe675 (1) on 4/6/09 3 comments
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This is based on the live performance during the ACMs.

Capo 2 (drop D tuning)


OR - use strum D with Dsus2 and Dsus4. It's easy to figure out the pattern

D                               G
I feel like the flowers in this vase
He just brought'em home one day
Ain't they beautiful he said
D                                                    G
They been here in the kitchen and the waters turnin' gray
D                                           G
They're sittin' in the vase but now they're dead

Dead flowers

I feel like this long string of lights
They lit up our whole house on Christmas Day
But now it's January and now the bulbs are all burned out
But still they hang
Like dead flowers

D                G
He ain't feeling anything
   Bm        A            G            A
My love, my hurt, or the sting of this rain
D               G
I'm living in a hurricane
           Bm                    A           G
All he can say is "man ain't it such a nice day"
Yeah, yeah

I feel like the tires on this car
You said we won't go far but we're still rolling
I look in the rearview and I see dead flowers in the yard
And that string of lights they ain't glowin'
Like dead flowers
Like dead flowers

He ain't feeling anything
My love, my hurt, or the sting of this rain
I'm driving through a hurricane
All he can say is "man ain't it such a nice day"
Hey hey, I guess we'll just go to waste
Like dead flowers
Like dead flowers 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Good work! I used these chords to post a cover on youtube. But I changed F#m to Bm and played in Drop D. Minor changes for preference. Sound good.
-southerndogg | 4/10/2009
Hey. Great job! Just wanted you to know that the line before you said we wont go far but were still rollin is I feel like the tires on this car. Thanks for posted the chords. Take care and God Bless
-butterflyjoe | 5/6/2009
i tuned my guitar before playing this song and it doesnt sound right at all in drop d. but all the chords are absolutely perfect! Kudos.
-lmielke08 | 9/15/2010
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