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Miranda Lambert - Greyhound Bound For Nowhere (Tab)
Album: Kerosene (2005)
Submitter: bwbucs23 (1) on 4/9/05 1 comment
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Miranda Lambert – Greyhound Bound For Nowhere - Kerosine

Hey y’all, hope this helps. This may not be note for note, but I’ve played
along with her and it sounds good.  Note: when the notes lead back down to the
hammer-ons  after being high they are sometimes left out or played very
softly.  Just letting you know so you could get the feel for it.


E ---------------------------------------------------------------------0-------------------------------
B -------3-------------3-------------3-------------3-----3---------------3------------3--------------3
G ----2----2-------2-----2-------0-----0-------0----0--2----------2--------2------2-----2--------0--
D -0---------0--------------0--------------0-------------------0--------------------------0----------
A ---------------3-------------2--------------1------------------------------0h3-------------0h2----
E -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

E ------------------------------
B --------------3--------------
G --0--------0---0------------
D ----0-------------0----------   (Repeat for the beginning of the first verse)
A -------0h1------------------
E ------------------------------

When the song says: “the old man sitting….” Play this.

E ------0--------------2------------2-------3----------2-------0-----------2-------
B ------2------------- 2------------3-------3----------3-------2-----------3-------
G ------2---------3--- 3---------4--4-------0------2-- 2-------2--------2--2-------
D ----2---------4-------------4----------0-------0------------2-------0--------------
A --0-------------------------------------------------------0-------------------------
E ---------------------------------------3---------------------------------------------

Then on the chorus I just strum with an occasional picked bass note. 

Hope this helps.

Tabbed by: Seth 
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nice tab but could you get an mp3 up?
-anwilliford | 4/9/2005
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