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Miranda Lambert - Over You (Chord)
Album: Four The Record (2011)
Submitter: mgriffith (1) on 1/11/12 2 comments
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Over You-Miranda Lambert
Tune down Ĺ step

Intro:  G  D (2x)  G C9 G D (4x)

Verse 1:
G 	     C9   G          D     G        C9
Weather man said itís gonna snow. By now I should be 
G              D //  G   C9   G    D
used to the cold 
G        C9            G        D   G           C9 
Mid-February shouldnít be so scary It was only December 
G          D            Am          G    C9 	 //
I still remember the presents, the tree, you and me

G                D     Am        C           G
But you went away! How dare you? I miss you! They say 
        D    	        Am       C9 // 	  	  	 
Iíll be ok. But Iím not going to ever get over you.

G  C9 G D (2x)

Verse 2:

Living alone here in this place. I think of you, and 

Iím not afraid 

Your favorite records make me feel better. Cause you 

sing along With every song. I know you didnít mean to 

give them to me.

Repeat Chorus:

Instrumental:  G  C9  G  D (2x)

           Am            G           C9 	  	 //
It really sinks in, you know, when I see it in stone

Ending Chorus:

Cause you went away, how dare you! I miss you!
They say Iíll be ok But Iím not going to ever get over you 

Outro:  G   D (2x)
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
when you say drop down a half...could you explain that a little for a beginner please
-Rexrex11 | 6/30/2013
Standard tuning is 6=E 5=A 4=D 3=G 2=B and 1=e. To drop down tuning a half of a step that means to lower the string to the following tuning: 6=Eb/D# (depending on how your tuner reads but these are the same note) 5=Ab/G3 4=Db/C# 3=Gb/F# 2=Bb/A# 1=eb/d#. You will need a tuner that reads all notes (chromatic) not just a regular guitar tuner. Hope this helps!
-mgriffith | 7/2/2013
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