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Nickel Creek - When In Rome (mandolin Intro) (Intro)
Album: Why Should the Fire Die (2005)
Submitter: keato12 (2) on 8/10/05 6 comments
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When in Rome
Nickel Creek
Why Should the Fire Die?

This is pretty close to the Mandolin intro it might be a little bit wrong but it 
basically correct, I have had the CD only for a day.

E ]-------------------8-5-3-0------------------------[
A ]---0-0-0-0-3-5-8-7---------5----------------------[
D ]-0-----------------------------0-3-5-8-7-5-3-0----[
G ]------------------------------------------------5-[
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Something that might be closer ... Try playing the 4th and 3rd courses (G and D) with the riff on the 2nd (A) course, i.e.:

pre>E ---------|---------------------8------------------------------------------------------------------------
A ---0-0-0-|-0-3-0-3/5--8-787-5-----10-12-10-8-5-5-8-5-5----0-3-0-3/5--8-787-5---3-0-------------------
D -0-------|-------0----------0------------0-----------0----------0----------0-------3-3h5-5-3-5-3-3/5-
G ---------|-------0----------0------------0-----------0----------0----------0---------0---0---0-----0-/pre>
-BGGuitarGuy | 8/11/2005

-BGGuitarGuy | 8/11/2005
This one is closer.
-Thile734 | 8/14/2005
It sounds much better like this:

In the video, and when Nickel Creek played on Jay Leno, Chris Thile never moved is hand out of second position.
-Thile734 | 8/22/2005
Yeah but be careful when you go by what you see. Chris hardly ever plays a song the same way twice
-DrH | 10/2/2005
I play something very similar to Thiles#### version.

Try picking the string(s) near the 12th fret so you get a harmoinc sound as well.
-nategreat24 | 1/31/2006
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