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Original Artist - Alcohol & A Country Song (Chord)
Submitter: twizzle05 (107) on 3/14/05 3 comments
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Alcohol and a Country Song
 	  	 written 2005

Capo III

INTRO: G  C  D    G

She's tall and blond, with a man on her arm
           C                 D         G
But she's flirtin with every boy in sight
She's lookin my way, and I just gotta say
      G            Cadd9 D
That girl's got it goin right
Now I can tell, there's no way in hell
       C      D          G
She'd ever be seen with me
I don't stand a chance, ain't gonna be romance
        G        C          D
And I think everyone would agree

C                           G7          C          D     G
I ain't the most likely candidate for a night out on the town
Em7                    C            G                     D
Shootin' 'em up, I'm easily drunk, throwin my ass to the ground
    G                    C                      G                      D    C
Now you might think it's wrong, but there ain't nothin' that can't be done
        D                    G
With alcohol and a country song

I see a brunette, Lord I just gotta get
A little closer to that girl
Her boyfriend's along, man he looks pretty strong
He gives his right a whirl
In the ambulance, circumstance
Puts me in the arms of a nurse
She holds may hand, hell she's a Waylon fan!
And I'm thinkin through my hurt

Get it done, hoss!



Now you may think it's wrong, but there ain't nothin that can't be done
With alcohol and a country song 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Cool Tune would love to hear it. If you have it recorded let me know.
-Parkers_email | 3/15/2005
'Fraid I don't. I might put a sound byte on here sometime, though.

-twizzle05 | 3/15/2005
Ok, I finally got a soundbyte on here. Took long enough. Let me know what ya think (and I realize singing isn't my specialty). It's my first mp3, so be gentle.
-twizzle05 | 11/21/2005
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