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Original Artist - Country Ain't Country (Tab)
Submitter: madtabber (1) on 1/24/06 2 comments
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Whiskey City Outlaws
Country Ain't Country
Written By Me
©Copyright 2005-2006 Whiskey City Outlaws

I wrote this song for my band Whiskey City Outlaws. 
I realize nobody will know how to exactly play this 
song since nobodys ever heard it but hopefulyl I will 
have a soundbyte soon for you guys to hear it. I do 
have a Guitar Pro 4 file if you want it to hear how 
its played just email me and I'll send it to you. 
I wrote the Music and Lyircs to this song and Im 
pretty proud of it. Its my take on what country 
was and will always be. Again I'll try and have a 
soundbyte up by the weeks end.
madtabber at

***CAPO 2nd FRET***




Repeat This For The Verses



Verse 1
Well I Remember The Day I First Heard 
Im So Lonesome I Could Cry
I Can Still Hear That Whipperwill
That Was Too Blue To Fly

Verse 2
That Was The Day He Stopped Loving Her
And Ol Johhny Walked That Line
Through A Ring Of Fire As Willie Sang
She Was Always On My Mind
Country Ain't Country Anymore

Country Ain't Country
        Cadd9   G
Like It Used To Be
Were Words Of A Sad Song
      Cadd9     G
Could Hurt So Deeply
I Love The Sound Of That Fiddle
       Cadd9           G
As The Devil Payed His Due
Or The Sound Of That Steel Guitar
            Cadd9   G
Playing The Whiskey Blues
G                  Cadd9        G
I Miss Country The Way It Was Before
    D                  Cadd9      G
But Country Just Ain't Country Anymore


G              Cadd9          G
Sometimes I Go Walking After Midnight
G        Cadd9         G
Blue Eys Crying In The Rain
G                  Cadd9      G 
Some Broken Hearts Will Never Mend
G            Cadd9    G  
I Can't Ease Away the Pain
     D             Cadd9      G
That Country Ain't Country Anymore
(Play Intro & Another Guitar Strums These Chords)
G Cadd9 G Cadd9 G D Cadd9 G

Repeat Chorus

Outro(Played With Intro)
I Can Still Hear That Wipperwill
That Was Too Blue To Fly
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)

-madtabber | 1/27/2006
Great song man! It still needs that final touch and maybe another verse, but it's a damn good job. I've got a song of my own thats based on this same idea. It's good to know that there are people out there that still believe in that kind of music. I wish there were more kids my age that did.
-Wade, 17
-wildwade8 | 2/5/2006
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