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Original Artist - You Ain't Breakin' My Heart (Chord)
Submitter: twizzle05 (25) on 5/26/05
Month Views: 5 | Total Views: 2,236
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You Ain't Breakin' My Heart
 	  	  	 written 2005

Capo I

INTRO: G (strum slowly; do same with first VERSE)

G                                C
You have the nerve to ask me as you walk out the door
        D                Cadd9             G
How it feels to know you won't be back no more
     G                              C
Well I could say I'm gonna cry, but darlin' I ain't never lied
    D         Cadd9    G       D
To you, and I ain't about to start....

                      C                            G
You ain't breakin my heart but I know you're gonna try
                       D                 G
You ain't stoppin' my world by sayin' goodbye
       C                     G                          D
And I ain't gonna burst into tears just as soon as you leave
                      C                     G
You ain't bustin' my balls in your fist no more
       D                   G
So go ahead and slam that door
                    C                      D               G   Cadd9-G
'Cause you sure as hell ain't breakin' my heart by leavin' me

         G                                     C
Well you put everything you own into that suitcase
               D             Cadd9                    G
You put the suitcase in the cab and then you're gone away
               G                                         C
And then I'll call up my buddies and my girlfriends and tell 'em Hell has come to an end
            D          Cadd9 G        D
And we'll party on and on   until we drop



   Bm7                        Em
No I ain't gonna call you, or beg you to unpack
   C                                           G             D
Go on and get the hell outta here, and don't think of comin' back


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