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Pat Green - Adios Days (full Words) (Chord)
Submitter: mammy (3) on 4/28/02 1 comment
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Adios Days
by Pat Green

Written by: Green 

Capo on 2nd fret

D      A           G         D
Adios days on the wide open prairie
D               A          G
Nights in the canyon are gone
D          A     G          D
Steven is dead, Johnny got married
D            A         G
Me I'm here all on my own
I'm all on my own

    D 	  	 A 	        G      D
I used to have nights on the town of Laredo 
D 	  	 A 	  	 G
Spinning them girls cross the floor
         D           A 	           G             D 	 
Now I'm too old for dancing, far gone from the whiskey
     D 	  	 A            G
So I don't go down there no more.

*Repeat CHORUS*

D  A  G  4x

    D         A 	            G         D 	  	 
My dad was a top hand when he was a young man
    D 	  	    A        G 	 
He rode for the Diamond-Bar-J
      D             A 	          G           D
He'd push all day long from the back of his pony
     D              A          D
At nighttime he'd gather the strays

 	   D 	    A 	  G 	  	 D
Well he hated the city, cussed all the railroads
D                A 	     G
Said they would lead us to fall
D 	       A 	                G          D
Now we have street cars, and cowboys are dying
     D              A 	          G
I guess he weren't too far from wrong.

*Repeat CHORUS twice*

D  A  G  D  A  G  D

enjoy :)
mammycc_05 at 
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great job!
-dirkfr3tx | 8/9/2003
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