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Pat Green - Carry On (non-power Chords) (Chord)
Submitter: mammy (3) on 4/5/02 7 comments
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Carry On
by Pat Green

Written by: Green/Wilkins

On the shows I've seen Pat Green on on tv, it seems that he is using the power
chords listed in the other tab but I think his guitar players are playing this 
and I think when you're playing by yourself, this one sounds great. Let me 
know what you think :)

CHORDS     Em     =     022000     D     =     X00232
           A      =     X02200     Dsus2 =     X00230
           G      =     320033     Dsus4 =     X00233
           Bm     =     XX4432


Dsus2-D-Dsus4-D-Dsus4-D-G 4x                                     

Verse 1:
Em                                     D
Baby's just a little bit tired of the city, 
Em                               D
Billboards and bulls**t got her down, 
Em                               D
Seems like ya need a little hill country, yeah
         Em                                          A
A little backroads driving, a little of that ole top down.

Chorus 1:
          G               A       D
Yeah and everybody gotta get away sometime,
Em                         D         G
Forget about yourself for awhile. It seems to 
         A                 D     A        Bm
Me that all you need is a ragtop car and a ride with me
Em   A       G                        A
Ok, alright, just might get a little high tonight, 
Em  A        (Dsus2-D-Dsus4-D-Dsus2-D-G 2X)
Ok, alright, carry on.

Verse 2:
Em                           D
Ol' Walt Wilkins lives up in Nashville,
Em                               D
You know his eyes have seen the miles.
Em                                 D
Walt, why don't ya jump in Jim T's caddy,
Em                                   A
Come down to Texas and drink with me awhile.

Chorus 2:
          G               A       D
Yeah and everybody gotta get away sometime,
Em                         D        
Forget about yourself for awhile.
G                A                    D         A
We'll go down to El Arroyo, have some tacos and beer
         Bm                Em   A       G 
Yeah and let ourselves go, Ok, alright, just might
               A                 Em  A                 D
Try to get it right tonight, I'm ok, alright, oh carry on.

Play chorus chords then come back into the intro and play the intro twice

Verse 3:
Em                                   D
Love'll make sure that you got your troubles,
Em                                   D
Love'll make sure that you work too hard.
Em                           D    Em 
Ain't nobody that don't get tired watchin' troubles
                           A          Em  
Pile up big in your own backyard. But sometimes you gotta
                           D             Em
Grab your world with your own two hands. Set it spinnin' 
                         D    Em       
Off on a course all your own. Take yourself a big bag for 
      D        Em                              A        
Your shoulder, find yourself some good times, bring 'em on back home.

Chorus 3:
          G               A       D
Yeah and everybody gotta get away sometime,
Em                         D        
Forget about yourself for awhile.
        G                    A     
If you live your whole life upon a shelf you've got
D         A               Bm            Em  A
No one to blame but your own damn self, ok alright, 
G                            A              Em   A
Heaven only know what gonna happen tonight, ok, alright,
Em          A        Em       A           Em         A
I'm ok, I'm alright, I'm ok, I'm alright, I'm ok, I'm alright
     Dsus2-D-Dsus4-D-Dsus4-D-G  2x 
Oh, carry on, yeah.

enjoy :)
mammycc_05 at 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Agreed. I saw him open up for Hank Williams Jr. a while back, he played
it about like this.
-JoeWallace | 10/22/2002
I play Gadd9 (320035) instead of G throughout the whole song. Sound better for me.
-LucVK | 5/18/2003
This is a great tab....I agree with you Luc. Your fingering for the G in this song does fit better.
-debeck | 11/25/2003
great tab, but it's "Life will make sure you got your troubles" not love.
-anus | 7/3/2004
This song is definitely in drop D. Listen real hard when he plays the D chord in the chorus.
It's definitely not a D chord in standard tuning. Also, listen to the end note.
-punkguitar420 | 9/22/2004
I tabbed out the intro in dropped D for those who are is the correct way to play the intro. This is an excellent tab, btw. nice job.
-Smoothie7745 | 2/16/2005
Here is another way to play it...just the way I prefer.

G-------------------A-----------------D--------G---------C-------- Am
Seems to me that all you need is a rag-top car and a ride with me

**Sorry for the dashes, it was the only way to put the chords over the correct words.
-georgejr | 5/18/2011
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