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Pat Green - Everclear (Tab)
Submitter: austinross (0) on 12/31/03 21 comments
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This song was not written by Pat Green. In fact, I've never heard Pat Green perform this song. Roger Creager performs this song.
-leonards_1 | 1/1/2004
Ditto. Creager wrote it and performs it and I've never heard Pat Green sing it. The tab is good though - could be put into Creager's list and taken off of this one.
-c.ewald | 1/6/2004
very much a roger creager song. but good tab!
-kdf | 1/12/2004
Creager didn't write the song but he preforms it. In fact it was writtnen by M. Messick (whoever that is)
-bonnette6603 | 1/13/2004
in fact johnsabig Dildoeater wrote the song in 1992. and pat green does perform it

-brent_leland | 1/27/2004
So are we gonna tab all of his live cover tunes now?
-AaronCain | 3/1/2004
Tell me when and where you saw Pat preform this song.
-bonnette6603 | 3/27/2004
dallas texas- summer 2003-- pat green performed this at the bronco bowl. you're right, he didn't write it but hell, he covers it occasionally- move it off his list, but is it really so offensive?
-sprint70 | 4/5/2004
it doesn't matter who wrote it. Pat green performs it and is known for doing it so get on my nuts.
-OUSUCKS | 4/18/2004
very well said iv also sow him preform it in a the dixy chicken one night

-cuatro4 | 11/2/2004
Pat green does not sing this song, nor did he write it, i'm tired of ppl saying he wrote and sung it. check ne of his cd's and i garentee u won't find it. the artist goes by the name of Roger Creager.

james from texas
-jimjimreehreeh | 2/20/2005
ya'll are wrong ive seen pat perform this song at floores country store in helotes texas
-kylemann4 | 2/24/2005
Yall are idiots I have seen Pat Green sing this song, you can even tell his voice. Jesus, can't anyone tell Pat Greens voice.
-Harrisra | 3/2/2005
Buddy Pat Green Does play this song look it up on a P2P sharing file i learned this song from his cd
-jfloss | 4/22/2005
this is not pat green's song...he might have preformed it once or twice...this is roger creager's song and i'm tired of people saying that its pat is not his song
-cwh4487 | 5/31/2005
if you listen to the song you can tell its not pat green's voice you people are lost
-cwh4487 | 5/31/2005
this is a Roger Craiger Song. His voice sounds a lot like pat on this song, as does it on most of his other songs. Not a Pat Green song though.
-mabshi1 | 6/5/2005
ive seen pat green perform at least 20 times, and i have NEVER heard him sing this song. i doubt that he ever has, and its really annoying when people think that he sings it.
-jpmoney1228 | 7/29/2005
I thought Pat sang this too, it sounds like him singing.. it is actually on a compliation cd called Texas Fed, Texas Bred with a lot of diff Texas artists. It is a Roger Creager song, but we all ended up here cuz we thought Pat wrote it. I'm sure he has sung it live, it is a Texas song and thats what he is about, but it isn't recorded by him.. yet.
-bergie | 10/6/2005
Hell yes it is sung by Pat and Recorded by him. now i don't know if he wrote it but i do know that he sings it and he recorded it

-guitarfreak097 | 1/1/2006
pat green is gay so who cares he anit no texan

-cashon47 | 8/26/2008
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