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Pat Green - Sing Til I Stop Cryin' (Chord)
Submitter: mammy (8) on 7/16/03 7 comments
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Sing Til I Stop Cryin'
by Pat Green w/ Waylon Payne

Written by: Green/Payne

A   B7   D   E

         A                    B7
Pouring rain', cracked front window
D                  E
  I turned off my radio
And reached to my boot
        B7                          D
For my favorite sterling horseshoe flask
To take a drink of what it holds

She was looking at her feet
When I saw her on the street
         D                               E
She was holding tight to someone else's hand
                A                 B7
So I kept on rolling and now here I am
              D  E               F   A   D  E
And I'm gonna si-ng 'til i stop cry-in'
      A                           B7
The earth moves slow out west of llano
        D                              E
Better pull this car of mine off-road awhile
                  A           B7
And reach to the back for my daddy's old martin
D                        E
   Hold it oh so close to me
                   A      B7
I'd sing me some Jones or sad Newberry song
           D E               F  A
I'm gonna si-ng 'til I stop cry-in'
F#m  A     F#m E


              A                    B7
Pull out my smokes, I pull out my Zippo
     D                                       E
And fire it up cause there's nothing left to do
           A                  B7 
Well, the morning sun it's a coming on
            D                                 E
Guess it's safe to say that I wont make work today
        A                B7 
But a Roger Miller song sure sounds fine to me
          D  E              F  A
I'm gonna si-ng til I stop cry-in'
          D  E              F  A
I'm gonna si-ng til I stop cry-in'

 F#m                     A
Conway run to find Miss Tammy
 F#m                           E
Willie would you call Miss EmmyLou
                D  E              F  A
Cause I'm gonna si-ng til I stop cry-in'
          D  E              F  A
I'm gonna si-ng til I stop cry-in'

A    =    X02220
F#m  =    X44222 or 244222
D    =    X00232
E    =    022100
F    =    X33211 or 133211
B7   =    X21202

enjoy :)
mammycc_05 at 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
The F#m chord should actually be a B7...believe me, I cried!

-Desperado73 | 7/17/2003
You're right. Thanks!
I changed it.
The F#m still sounded correct in some parts so
I left it there...
-mammy | 7/17/2003
You're right too..."can't believe it took me thirty years to figure that s**t out." PAT RULES!!

-Desperado73 | 7/18/2003
mammy you're awesome
-tobers2313 | 1/19/2004
nice work, i love that song, who is that singing, not pat green the other guy
-Viper3102 | 11/27/2004
That other guy would be Mr. Waylon Payne. Son of Jody Payne, guitarist in the Willie Nelson band, and godson of Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter. ;)
-mammy | 11/27/2004
I have a question on the chords. The B7 and A chord sound almost exactly the same so when I switch chords it sounds like im on the same chord the whole time, any suggestions?
-Viper3102 | 11/28/2004
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