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Pat Green - Wave On Wave (Chord)
Submitter: mammy (8) on 4/21/03 37 comments
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Wave on Wave
by Pat Green

Written by: Green (?)

D  Dsus2  Dsus4 D  G  A  D  

                            D      Dsus2  Dsus4 D
Mile upon mile, I got no direction
                             G   Gsus2  Gsus4  G
We're all playin' this same game
                            A  Asus2  Asus4  A
We're all looking for redemption 
                        D  Dsus2  Dsus4  D
Just afraid to say the name
                       D  Dsus2  Dsus4  D
So caught up now in pretending
                                   G  Gsus2  Gsus4  G
That what we're sinkin' in is the truth
                              A   Asus2  Asus4  A
I'm just lookin' for a happy ending
                       D  Dsus2  Dsus4  D
All I'm lookin' for is you.

                    D     Dsus2  Dsus4  D    
- You came upon me wave on wave,
                             G  Gsus2  Gsus4  G
You're the reason I'm still here, yeah.
                       A      Asus2  Asus4  A
Am I the one you were sent to save?
                          D Dsus2  Dsus4  D
You came upon me wave on wave. -

                         D Dsus2  Dsus4  D
I wandered out into the water,
                            G  Gsus2  Gsus4  G
And I thought that I might drown.
                         A   Asus2  Asus4  A
I don't know what I was after
                           D Dsus2  Dsus4  D
Just now that I was goin' down.
                      D Dsus2  Dsus4  D
That's when she found me,
                  G  Gsus2  Gsus4  G
I'm not afraid anymore.
                             A   Asus2  Asus4  A
She said "You know I always had ya, baby,
                                             D  Dsus2  Dsus4  D
Just waitin' for you to find what you were lookin' for."


C    G   D 

Wave on wave
C    G   A
Wave on wave

D  Dsus4  4X


                          D     Dsus2  Dsus4  D
The clouds broke and the angels cried
                      G  Gsus2  Gsus4  G
You ain't gotta walk alone
                             A   Asus2  Asus4  A
That's why He put me in your way
                         D  Dsus2  Dsus4  D
You came upon me wave on wave


It sounds like he's hammering on on every chord...but the D is the
only one that I'm sure of. I'll add the chords on the chart if you 
want to play with it and see what you can come up with.

D        =   X00232
Dsus2    =   X00230
Dsus4    =   X00233
G        =   320033
Gsus2(?) =   300032
Gsus4(?) =   320035
A        =   X02220
Asus2    =   X02200
Asus4    =   X02230
C        =   X32010 

Thanks to Bocefus1 for sending me a copy of the song!! The song
skips a little sometimes so I'm not sure of all the words but it's
close enough.

enjoy :)
mammycc_05 at 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
dude you are are awesome, that singles barely even been out, i give
you props
-texasmusic | 6/4/2003
lol i so agree. i love this song!
-Texas_Singer | 6/4/2003
G = 320033
Gsus2 = 300032
Gsus3 = 300035
...I don't know, maybe try this.
-michaelray | 6/5/2003
Sounds good w/ a 320033

Its all preference and the tone you like anyways...

-LoneStarRebel7 | 6/26/2003
I agree, good work on this one, that's a good song. I'm trying to
learn it,thanks
-P.A.LinZ | 6/26/2003
I added in the Gsus2, Gsus4, Asus2, and Asus4...try that and let me
know what ya'll think.
-mammy | 7/1/2003
G is 320003..i dont know about the rest of em but i do know that
is the g chord

-codys0323 | 7/21/2003
Hey, the G part goes G-320033, Gsus2- 300033, and Gsus4-330033, or
at least thats how I play it.
-reidschindler | 7/22/2003
I just figured out the lead part to this song and posted it. Enjoy
-kickingshoe | 7/30/2003
what about the intro? anyone got the right
way to play it down yet?
-nightedge | 8/3/2003
Dude thats real cool, I have been triing to
find the song in the stores to learn it, but
it is not out yet. Thanks man. You da man.
-undertaker | 8/3/2003
the whole a thing on the intro just doesnt sound right and also the
gsus2 and 4 and also dont know, the d part sounds right
-dan_the_man | 8/6/2003
Awesome, if ya'll buy the cd on the last track of the cd let it play
and there is an acoustic version use this its much easier to learn
-mbrtxkker50 | 8/7/2003
guys I may be way off here but i think i'm closer in the g cord by
using this
g 320033
gsus2 300033
gsus4 300233
-24seven | 8/8/2003
Kick ass job getting this posted.
I saw a guy try to play this the other day at an open mic night
and his bar chords were way off.
Thanks a bunch!
-gable | 8/13/2003
if you want to combine the lead into the A chords it shoud go
-bdbumpas | 8/14/2003
what am I, the twentieth person to make a comment. lol
save it for the peanut gallery guys!
-Hendrix | 8/18/2003
Most excellent tab mammy! All of your sus diagrams are right on.
You nailed it!

One note about the's just like the verse, ie the G, A, D
are also the sus progression, whole thing would look like this:

D Dsus2 Dsus4 D G Gsus2 Gsus4 G
A Asus2 Asus4 A D Dsus2 Dsus4 D

Awesome job!
-Shantel | 8/22/2003
I still don't think that it sounds completely right.
I have been stuck on the G part for a few days now,
and nothing I play sounds right. I think the closest I
have seen is playing D and moving it up to G. It still
sounds a little high, but I think it is just my guitar.

-simskid | 8/30/2003
that is awsome i figured it out and ill have
to tell u that is great
-corysimon | 8/30/2003
this is a good tab can hear it really well on the hidden
track at the end of the cd... good job
-ryanryno | 10/20/2003
-TOLINGHOUS | 10/25/2003
That sounds good. But the intro, you need a stereo delay that goes
left to right. to get the palm mute effect! But Great Job.
-mark101476 | 10/31/2003
hendrix..... you were only 17 not 20. that a way!
-Derrick_koehler | 11/17/2003
oh well GREAT TAB!!!!!
-Derrick_koehler | 11/17/2003
-PGtlg08 | 11/18/2003
How on earth does anyone play that Gsus4? My fingers don't do that?!
-moulenbelt | 11/21/2003
I agree, that Gsus4 is impossible
-benjaminukfan1 | 11/23/2003
Great tab. Try this for the G, I dont know if its right though.....300032, 300030, 300033
-michaelshufeldt | 12/2/2003
the Gsus4 is easy use your pinky or ring finger on the E 5th fret
yoru index finger on the B 3rd fret and use your thumb to press down
the low E 3rd fret

-krummit | 12/3/2003
Hendrix..learn to count im number 35....great job on the
tab and the corrections...think i got it down now

-luey12 | 12/10/2003
ok to make the 50th comment....the tab was excellent and everything
was completely right...but a much more clear sounding and easier way
to play the G:

-korty_babe86 | 12/26/2003
ok the G goes in this order:

-afmustang | 2/15/2004
man, good job on the notes, to make it sound like the cd palm mute
the notes through out the song, while guitar 2 strums, try that,
sounded good when i tried it

-guitarplayergt | 2/22/2004
Just getting back into playing after about a 10-year hiatus. Is it just my rustiness, or is this a difficult chord combo to play while singing? Awesome song though. Iím sure Iíll get it eventually.


-Rumplestilzchen | 6/10/2004
nice tabbing. i got the same thing
-c-bob | 6/18/2004
i think this way sounds better for the g's:

-sauceysauce | 4/11/2005
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