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Paul Brandt - Home (Chord)
Submitter: johnny-o (2) on 12/7/04 10 comments
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Paul Brandt - Home
From "This Time Around" (2004)
(Paul Brandt)

Tab By: Johnny O'Neill (
Corrections by: Mauser

I think i've figured out most of the song, still pretty new
at this. The only part i'm not sure about is the end of the
chorus. Anybody have any suggestions, by all means, let me

Capo: 1st Fret

INTRO:  (D)   (A)   (G)   (A)

(D)Front porch (A)light would be turned (G)on
And I was (A)always gone too long
(D)  Curfew (A)was at 10pm
And (G)I'd sneak in trying (A)not to wake him when I got (INTRO)home

Daddy always said (D)"Son, you're (A)half a bubble off'a (G)plumb
Head-strong and (A)stubborn", and maybe I (D)was
Yeah, I (A)couldn't wait to (G)leave
Last place I in the (A)world I wanted to be was (INTRO)home

Now I'm (D)flying (A)down that (G)old dirt (A)road
But it (D)seems these (A)wheels are (G)spinning (A)slow
I'd (Bm)never left that (A)way if I'd have (Em)on(F#m)ly (G)known
(Em)He's (F#m)gone, so (A)here I am, (INTRO)home

(D)I sat (A)in my car and cried (G)
Wished to (A)God he was still alive
(D)Inside, (A)mama wiped my tears(G)
She said, He would have been so (A)happy that you're here at (INTRO) Home

(D)Then I (A)thought about my life
(G)And about my (A)kids and about my wife(D)
And about how (A)time just flies no matter what you (G)do  (A)

And (D)every (A)soccer game I have missed  (G)
And the times I (A)fight when I could forgive  (D)
And how I can't (A)let it come to this(G)
When I get (A)home

Now I'm (D)flying (A)down that (G)old dirt (A)road
But it (D)seems these (A)wheels are (G)spinning (A)slow
And it's (Bm)taken me a (A)while but now I (Em)final(F#m)ly (G)know
Every(Em)thing that (F#m)matters (A)most is at (INTRO)home


Every(Em)thing that (F#m)matters (A)most is at
(D)Home  (A)  (G)  (A) 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
love this song!
-denalitwinkie2s | 12/7/2004
I think I'm becoming obsessed with this song.
Only changes needed to your tab are the last two lines of the chorus.
Should be like this:
Bm A Em F#m G
Em F#m A D
-Mauser | 12/7/2004
Thanks a lot Mauser, sounds much better now :-)
-johnny-o | 12/7/2004
I think there is a G then A after each verse also. But other than that everything sounds good.
-mrcountryrock | 12/27/2004
Anyone able to get the picking pattern?? Just can't seem to get it.
-mrcountryrock | 12/28/2004
great job....i love this song....the changes made sound even better...thanks
-vanwylder | 1/2/2005
how does the solo intro go? the very beggining
-100purecountry | 1/9/2005
i love this song!! but i cant get the picking =(
-samisaint | 3/19/2005
Every thing that matters most is that I'm home
-DeeWhitney | 4/21/2005
Not according to lyrics in the cd I own, that's where i got the lyrics when i done the tab.
-johnny-o | 4/21/2005
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