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Paul Brandt - Home (Tab)
Submitter: Moosehead_07 (0) on 4/8/05 9 comments
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This is a really small bit of the intro.
I have only started to work on it today. Hopefully I will
be abe to update the tab ans successfully complete the 
tab. If anyone can suggest a certan part of the tab
played another way, please notify in the comment board.

 Capo 1st fret - Drop D Tuning



  Front Porch light would be turned on......

                        I stopped here because of the 
                        background harmony it is very
                        hard hearing specific picks
                        he does on the guitar. 

From how I play it it sounds pretty good. I will continue
trying to figure out the rest. I hope you all enjoy this 
piece of the intro I worked out!
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
very very close.....good tab
-denalitwinkie2s | 4/8/2005
Thank you so much for tabbing this out, the other "home" on this website is good, but this tab looks awesome! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
(P.S. Paul Brandt ROCKS!)
-countrygurl99 | 4/8/2005
i made a request for this tab, thanks for tabbing it and i hope you get the rest real soon, Thankyou so much

- P.S, - i saw P.B live when he sang this song, he is an awsome guy!!!
-100purecountry | 4/15/2005
and one more thing, i think the very beggining is higher pitched, but it may be because i have it in standered tuning

-100purecountry | 4/15/2005
Thank you all for your comments. I do agree Paul is a really awsome guy! *Two Thumbs Up*
Today is my day off I will try to figure out further into the intro.
-Moosehead_07 | 4/16/2005
what is drop D tuning?

-westernboy123 | 5/8/2005
Dropped D Tuning

Instead of this (Standard Tuning)

Drop you low E-String to a D to make it this...
-travisw7 | 7/22/2005
Thanks for the picking on the guitar i really couldn't do it myself!
-nosey | 2/7/2006
looks promising! can't wait to try it!
-brandtfan | 2/15/2006
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