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Paul Brandt - Hope (2) (Chord)
Submitter: rune (26) on 4/10/05 1 comment
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Paul Brandt - Hope 

Capo 2

G - D/F# - Em - D - C

G               C
I can't believe you found me here
D            C              G     D
You saved me in the nick of time
G                   C
Just when I thought nobody cared
D                   C                   G 
You reached out and with your hand took mine
Em            D              C      C/B
You know just how to pull me through
Am           G/B          D
Thatís what I love about you

You give me hope 
And I can face another day
All it takes is love and faith
                C    D     
And the courage to believe
You give me hope 
And theres nothing I cant do
I get all my strength from you
                C        D
Saying you will stand by me
            G - D/F# -  Em
You give me hope

It might be dark and I might be scared
But whatever this life brings
Knowing that you will always be there
I can take on anything
If your beside me in this fight
I know I'll make I through the night


D - C - G - D/F# - Em - D - C

If your beside me in this fight
I know I'll make it through the night


G    - 320033
D/F# - 2xx232
Em   - 022000
D    - xx0232
C    - x32010
C/B  - x22010
Am   - x02210
G/B  - x2003x 
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Nice job. Someone should try tabbing this one out cause i think there is a lot of picking in this song too. Good work though try doing some more of Paul brandt's songs!
-lucky99 | 4/14/2005
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