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Paul Brandt - Rich Man (correct) (Chord)
Submitter: jboesch (1) on 7/25/05 3 comments
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Rich Man  Paul Brandt
Album  This Time Around
Tabbed by Jordan Boesch
Notes: Decided to do the correct version, hope you like it!

Verse 1:

C             G      Am          F   G 
I look in the mirror, I don't see much
C         G    Am             F  G 
Fashion sense a little out of touch
C            G       Am                F  G
The house is run down as the bills pile up.
  C       G       Am     F  G
But I'm a rich man

Verse 2:

C         G     Am      F   G 
Breakfast table, morning rush,
C            G           Am       F   G
Some days it barely seems we have enough.
C           G                Am      F   G       
But if it's true that all you need is love,
C          G         Am   F   G
Then I'm a rich man


C             G          F       G 
When she smiles, or they call me daddy
        C              G                  F    G
all the worries of the world just seem to fade away.
    C    G      F         G 
I'm alive and I know what matters, 
   Am           G               F       G
if this is all I ever have, well that's okay
(I'm proud to say:) I'm a rich man.

Verse 3:

C         G      Am             F   G  
So every morning, and brand new day.
C             G           Am       F   G 
With each and every single breath I take.
C                   G        Am               F   G       
I'm blessed and I'm thankful, yeah I've got it made,
C      G               Am        G
I'm so glad life turned out this way.


 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
I love this song! I bought the album the day that it was released!

-WildCard76 | 7/21/2005
The chords are pretty accurate, but i just noticed that when i pasted it in here from notepad that it moved my chords down and that they no longer match the words.. use your ear for timing

And i just noticed i forgot the bridge of the song haha
-jboesch | 7/25/2005
Make sure not to use the tab key as opposed to the space bar and also
make sure you are using a Fixed font (ie - Courier New) - that will
keep your alignment - you should be able to edit this and add the
bridge - look at the top right hand side of the page for links to

-lmofle | 7/25/2005
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