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Paul Brandt - Small Towns And Big Dreams. (Chord)
Submitter: bubbaiscool4 (0) on 12/17/02 2 comments
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Small Towns & Big Dreams
Paul Brandt
(can capo 1)

E              B
I grew up in a small town
A                  B
Wheat fields for a downtown kinda place
There was really not much aroundó
You blink and you miss it
I never knew what life would bring
But I always had big dreams
I loved to play my guitar and sing
And every night I would wish that
  C#m                 B
Iíd get a shot on the Opry stage
A                        B
And have people come and see me play
Blastiní on the radio waves
Enough to make my Mama cry

              E F#m G#m
Thatís where I come from
      A     B
Thatís who I am
Hard-working and God-blessed
Yes sir thank you maíam
         C#m                B           A
The best things around that I have ever seen
          F#m  G#m A     B    E
Came from small towns and big dreams

Small town went and grew up
But I never changed much by Godís grace
Friends and family kept in touch
When I moved to Tennessee
I sing my songs and travel Ďround
I met a girl and weíre settling down
We want to find a small town
Where we can raise a family

     B           A
Iíve been around the world
No matter anywhere I go
Even here in _____________
Iíve found my kind of folks
      C#m          B
Itís about you and who you are
Itís all a state of mind
          F#m   G#m      A
So as Iím giving you my heart
I hope youíll findÖ
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
ya, i saw him play it yesterday on cmt
and your right he uses the capo and its
alot easier this way
-takaman | 4/29/2004
where you have that blank in the lyrics...the album version is "all over this great country" instead of "even here in __________"
-capytain | 2/24/2005
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