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Randy Houser - Boots On (Chord)
Album: Anything Goes (2008)
Submitter: lnghorn4life516 (0) on 3/15/09 5 comments
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Capo 1

Man, I've been workin too hard

Ten hour days and I'm tired
Damn this knuckle busted',

back breakin', no paying job
Know where I'm goin from here

Hot headed women, cold beer
Kick up my heels for a little while

and do it country style

G     D
In my dirty 'ole hat

with my crooked little grin

Granny beaded neck
                      Bb C D
and these calloused hands
And a muddy pair of jeans

with that copenhagen ring
No need to change a thing, hey y'all
          Bb          C      D
I'm going out with my boots on

How I keep catching her eye

Man, I keep wondering why

Ain't nothing special 'bout
an "awe shucks" country boy
Lord, she's sure lookin' good

Like something from Hollywood
She got me thinkin' that I just might

leave here with her tonight


D           G
'Cause I am who I am and that's
the man I'm gonna be, yeah
D                 G
And when the Lord comes callin',

well, he ain't gonna have

to holler, y'all
                                Bb C
There'll be no trouble finding me


C                D
With my boots on
C                  D
He's gonna take me home
C                    D
Lord, with my boots on 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Hey man you may be right but this just sounds way off to me. Anyone else?
-tomgannon1 | 7/30/2009
waaayy off
-tat2dretard | 8/19/2009
I don't know... It is not that far off. It is in the key of D#/Eb so, capo 1 in D is definitely right. The verses are the right notes. They are just in the wrong spots. Anyone that listens to the song can figure out where they should go. If not... quit playing. The chorus is pretty darn close. The ending... I usually play a G - D only because my lead guitar player fills is. If you are going straight acoustic I would still use a G - D on the ending. If you want to throw in that G-C-Bb-D riff... cool. Overall, good job dude.
-jlowder2727 | 11/3/2009
yeah i think this sounds perfectly fine... if u watch randy play it on youtube he plays it the same way in drop D with capo on the first fret in the same way pretty much. Good job
-hugeballs | 11/19/2009
I play this song in"D" with my band here in Nashville, but, I don't Capo it. The song is originally performed in "E"
-jarodpfoster | 3/10/2011
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