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Randy Houser - On The Inside (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (113) on 8/2/15 1 comment
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On The Inside
By Randy Houser
Written by Randy Houser
CD: Unreleased Song
Tabbed By Larry Mofle

Requested by prophet6 on 7/31/15

Tabbed from

Capo 2 Drop D tuning

          D                        A
Its got a ten foot rusted steeple, scarred by mother nature
      Bm                                     G   
And a weathered front door about to lose its war with father time
         D                                 A
And that mud hole in the driveway, it gets deeper every Sunday
    Bm     Bm/A             G   
The "W" is missing from its worn out welcome sign
    Em       Em/F# G        A         D         D/F#  G
The grass out in the graveyard ain't been cut since late July

Chorus 1
           D                D/C#     
But on the inside, well now thats a different story
      Bm            Bm/A         G                   A
Their singing glory glory, never been so full of life
         D                        D/C#
A ray of hope shines through that broken stained glass window
         Bm                 Bm/A        G              
And its amazing how it hits those heavy hearts at the right time
         Em      Em/F#      G                 A            G
when its dark out, even the blind can see the light on the inside

Well, she dresses like a Barbie and she cusses like a sailor
She's earned that piece of sidewalk by the avenue off of Main
She don't leave that corner for nothing but top dollar
Cause nothing but top dollar keeps that habit in her veins,
she blends in with the other trash you'll see if you drive by

Chorus 2
But on the inside, well now thats a different story
She's just a girl from Burns, Wyoming, that ran away one night
And when she ain't high, how she misses mom and daddy
She wants them there so badly to make everything alright
Never been more lost or scared in her young life on the inside

          Bm           G                  D 
Well that girl finally found her way back home
          Bm     G            D 
Where her family showers with love
        Bm                        D/F#
And she found her own way down to that ol church
             G                        A
You know the one, sure could use some fixin up

Chorus 1

On the inside


On the inside 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
thank you. This is sure a great starting point bringing me way further than I could have come alone. I like it in standard tuning. I might be doing the drop d wrong I will keep trying that too. There are a few notes I do miss because of that so I just refrain picking and let the vocal go there. The bass runs are nice. This is going to be a great lesson. KUDO"S
-prophet6 | 11/26/2015
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