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Randy Travis - Better Class Of Loser (Chord)
Submitter: alvarez (7) on 5/30/02 1 comment
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     Randy Travis: Better class of loser

                 G                        C       G
     I'm getting out of this highrise penthouse sweet
      G                                  D
     Where we pretend life is rosey and sweet
           G                         C       G
     Going back to the folks that I used to know
      G                 D                G
     Where everyone is what they seem to be
      G                                    C
     And these high class friends that you like to hang
      G                                          D
     When they look my way there alway's looking down
              G                          C       G
     And I'm tired of you spending every dime I make
                             D                   G
     To finance this way of life I've learned to hate

                                                                            C                            G
      I'm going back to a better class of loser
           G                          D
     This uptown living really got me down
     I need friends who don't pay thier bills on 
       C    G
     home computers
               A7                            D
     and they buy thier coffee beans already ground
      C                                    G
     You think it's disgraceful that they drink 
     three dollar wine
            G               D               G      
     but a better class of losers suit me fine

     Second chorus: (same chord progression as first)

     You said the grass is greener on the other side

     but from where I stand I can't see grass at all

     And the concrete and the steal wont change the

     way you feel

     It takes more than caviare to have a ball

     Repeat chorus: 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
The only thing anyone can complain about with this is that your chords are not aligned on the first line of the chorus, and you made two spelling erros. (Suite instead of sweet in the first line and caviar instead of caviare in the last verse. Not trying to be picky. I just notice things like that.) Good job on what is one of my all time favorite Randy Travis songs. I like the class of losers I hang with.
-tpmadden | 6/17/2009
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