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Reba McEntire - For Herself (Chord)
Album: It's Your Call (1992)
Submitter: Deleted Member (0) on 7/9/01
Month Views: 12 | Total Views: 3,138
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Key D:
Chords: D  Dsus2  Em  F#m  G  Gm  A  Bm 

Intro:  D / G / D / G /

   D           Dsus2            A                   G
Uncle Slim had let her know she couldn't ride that horse.
  D           Dsus2                    G           (G)  
He was the one that was only meant for men.
     Gm                          Em
She waited around till way after dark,
    G                          D
Rode that horse with all her heart.
            D              A
And in the night how she rode.


  G                D             F#m              G
Somehow she always knew she had the strength inside.
  Em             D               A           (A)
And even if she fell, she'd survive.
                  G                D
In spite of all the tears she may cry,
                 G                    D
This is how she has to live her life.
                G                    A       D         (D) 
As hard as it may be she has to find out for herself.

    D           Dsus2              A              G
Mama and daddy told her from the start he was no good.
   D             Dsus2               G           (G)
They'd seen how he treated the other girls.
  Gm                               Em
She waited around till the sun went down,
  G                               D
Slipped out the house not makin' a sound.
               D             A
And in the night oh how they drove.

** Repeat Chorus **

    G                       F#m              Bm              G
It was fifteen years to the day he became a stranger in her eyes
   Em                    D
In the coldest words of anger
                G               A
He said without me you won't survive.

         D            Dsus2                  A              G
There's a suitcase in the closet she had packed six months ago.
       D           Dsus2             G             (G)
She don't leave a note that's not her style.
      Gm                          Em
So she waited around till way after dark,
   G                         D
Left that man who broke her heart.
              D          A
Now she's gone, oh she's gone.

** Repeat Chorus to end.

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