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Rebel Son - Grave Of The Unknown Soldier (Chord)
Submitter: BuckBran (4) on 5/19/15 1 comment
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Grave of the Unknown Soldier- Rebel Son


(G)I sure do love to visit my great great great grandfather
who served (C)our great southern (G)land
in a field filled with (C)beautiful (G)stones
and many a (Em)brave and honorable (D)man
and out of all the (C)plots I stop to (Am)see
there's one (Em)more
(C)that always brings (G)me down (D)to my (Em)knees
it (C)reads
(D)"here (Em)lies an (C)unknown (D)confederate (G)soldier
known (Em)only but to (C)God
(D)may he rest in (G)peace"

(C)What was his name 
(G)where did he come from
was he a (C)middle aged man wise of the world
or a (G)boy that died too (D)young
his i(C)dentity is a (D)mystery to every(G)one but (D)Jesus (Em)alone
(C)thank you, sir, for (D)whoever you were
in this (G)grave that's (D)marked "Un(Em)known"
his (D)family knew (C)only that he(D) left to (Em)defend his (G)land
and (D)never returned (G)home

(Em)  (G)

This song is kinda tricky to play, but I love it.  It may not be perfect, but I think I got it pretty close.  "out of all the plots I stop to see there's one more" line may not be correct but the Am and Em were the closest I could get.  Let me know if anyone has any suggestions. 
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I love listening to and playing this song. It sickens me seeing our Confederate monuments desecrated by vandals. They want the world purged of all things tied to the Confederacy, the current state of our country is distressing.
Thank you for putting up all these songs. Rebel Son needs more respect.
Deo Vindice
-GhostOfLt.Gen.NBForrest | 7/2/2015
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