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Rebel Son - Lorena (Chord)
Submitter: BuckBran (4) on 6/16/16
Month Views: 42 | Total Views: 1,341
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Lorena- Rebel Son(cover)
A hundred months have passed, Lor(C)ena,
(D)Since last I held your hand in (G)mine,   (D)
And (G)felt your pulse beat fast, Lor(C)ena, 
Though (D)mine beat faster far than (G)thine.
Twas (Em)not thy woman's heart that (B7)spoke;
Thy heart was always true to (Em)me-ee-(D)ee:
So (G)long ago Lorena (C)you broke 
The (D)tie which linked my soul with (G)thee

We loved each other then, Lor(C)ena,
Far (D)more than we ever dared to (G)tell;   (D)
And (G)just what might we have been, Lor(C)ena,
(D)If our love had only prospered (G)well
But (Em)should we even consider one re(B7)gret
For what we’d be now we’ll neither never (Em)kno-oo-(D)ow;
For (G)if we try we may for(C)get,
(D)We’re the words of thine long years a(G)go.
(Em)     (B7)    (Em)  (D)  (G)      (C)       (D)         (G)

(G)It matters little now, Lor(C)ena,
The (D)past is in the eternal (G)past;    (D)
Our (G)heads will one day lie low, Lor(C)ena,
(D)Life’s time is fading out so (G)fast.
There (Em)is a Future O, thank (B7)God
Our lives this was so small a (Em)par-aaar-(D)art
'Tis (G)dust to dust beneath the (C)sod;
But (D)there, up there, heart to (G)heart.

Still the (G)years creep slowly by, Lor(C)ena,
The (D)snow is on the ground a(G)gain.   (D)
The (G)sun’s low down the sky, Lor(C)ena,
And the (D)frost again gleams where the flow'rs have (G)been.
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