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Reckless Kelly - American Blood (Chord)
Album: Bulletproof (2008)
Submitter: tbowers715 (16) on 5/23/08 13 comments
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American Blood
Reckless Kelly

From: Bulletproof

I put this together quickly, so a chord may be misplaced, but I think I got the lyrics down.


Verse One:
G                                             C
Johnny can't drink 'cause Johnny ain't twenty-one
         G                                          D
Yeah but he's eighteen and he's pretty handy with a gun
They sent him off to a foreign land
Gave him a new pair of boots and thirteen grand
       G                    D       C            G
And he came back home with American blood on his hands

Verse Two:
But George is a real go-getter and he's running the show
And he should have known better but his old man told him to go
He sits at home with his feet on his desk
While the boys got theirs in the sand
A million miles away with American blood on their hands

Verse Three:
Well Johnny can't walk but the medic said he's okay to fly
And the newspapers tell us he's a hero and hell of a guy
They sent him up to Washington
For a photo op with the smoking gun
He's got Purple Heart and American blood on his hands

C     G        D      G
Black gold for silver stars
C                  D       G
Cold hard cash for armored cars
C                                                          D          C
The brass ain't fighting but they're sure as hell taking a stand
            Em                 C       D              G
And they'll have to live with American blood on their hands

Verse Four:
Now George stands up on a boat proudly waving a flag
He says the hard part's over and he knew it wouldn't be so bad
The roadside bombs for six long years were never really part of the plan
What's a couple thousand more with American blood on their hands?

Repeat Chorus

Verse Five:
Now Johnny can drink all day 'cause he's twenty-three
He donated his legs to the worldwide land of the free
He cries God Bless America but God Damn Uncle Sam!
While he stares through the tears with American blood on his hands
While he stares through the tears with American blood on his hands

Repeat Chorus

C    D    G 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
you forgot the line-
"Johnny joined up without a gun to his f**kin' head"

oh wait...thats not in this liberal bulls**t
-vsugorilla | 6/7/2008
I love reckless but this song sucks. This is a very ignorant view of politics.
-lake07 | 6/24/2008
Y'all are just pissed because they had the guts to speak the truth about what is really going on over there. Why don't you both go hide behind Toby Keith.
-nativetexan1984 | 6/28/2008
"This is a very ignorant view of politics."

ignorance runs both ways...
-petstupid | 6/28/2008
this song tells it like it is
-RagweedisNo.1 | 6/29/2008
great song by a great band...

so were me and willy the only ones that didnt get the memo that war is officially tabood?

chill out
-bherrick | 7/2/2008
If you're looking for the old polished s**t. I heard Strait saw god today and Paisley is still a guy. I also heard Swift wrote a great song about a new zit she discovered an her a**!
-darcylandry | 7/3/2008
everyone is allowed their opinion... you show your polital ignorance when you completely neglect that fact... willy braun can write whatever song he wants that is his freedom and right... that right is what soilders fight for. listen to the song or dont thats all you have to do..
-dannyjr | 7/5/2008
go ahead and applaud the whoring of military sacrifice to make a political point. stand up for soldiers? they stand up for you. i know this might come off as a shock to you but not every disabled vet is crying "god damn uncle sam". no every member of our armed forces shares your views. not every member takes this song as support. i don't argue the right to say it i question the respect in how it was said. "Johnny" is real on BOTH sides. Who the hell is reckless kelly to use a sacrifice they know nothing about. Say what you want just leave military sacrifice alone. It's not yours and you know nothing about it.
-swtjonesy | 8/8/2008
In all reality no one that has any place to talk if they havent been there, but what do I know, I just did two tours as a Ranger 1SG
-fono152000 | 8/12/2008
badass song, no matter what anybody says willy is not trying to start any s**t, all this song is, is the truth, and willy did a great job writing it.
-timmy1 | 9/1/2008
so about the tab...

in the second line of the chorus it should mimic the first and in the thrid lline it goes to a g after the c and doesn't seem to modulate to a c after the d. Good job though. And screw you guys for wanting music to be just about love and crap. Thank God for Willy Braun and Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen and Woody Guthrie...etc etc.
-coloradowriter | 9/7/2008
Am I the only one who thinks it doesn't matter if you like the song? You either want to learn it, or you don't. If you clicked it just to start some sh*t, you're a dumbass.
-bloodymingo | 10/25/2008
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