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Restless Heart - Fast Movin' Train (Chord)
Album: Fast Movin' Train (1990)
Submitter: WildCard76 (140) on 2/22/21
Month Views: 58 | Total Views: 58
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Restless Heart
Album: The Very Best of Restless Heart
Submitted by: Christopher R.

Capo 3rd Fret (to match recording)

Drop-D Tuning

D = 0x423x 
A = x02220
Asus4 = x02230
A7sus4 = x2030
G = 5x0033
G/F# = 4x0033
G/E = 2x0033
Em = 222000

Intro: (A) (A) (Asus4) (A) (G) (G/F#) (G/E) (D)

(D) She had a long line of lovers
(G) Mostly the gambling (D) kind
I didn't want to be like the others
(G) And get left be(D)hind
(G) I heard about her bad reputation
And how she had a heart of (D) stone
(Bm) How she'd give a man
A (Em) moment of pleasure
(A7sus4) To get what she (D) wants

I had a weakness for her kind of woman
I could never deny
I knew I would never see it coming
Until I was lost in her eyes
The more I tried to keep her at a distance
The more I became aware
She was breaking down my resistance
Till I no longer cared.

  (A) Tonight I saw the (D) red red rose
  In a (G) yellow moon
  (A) Shining on a (D) silhouette
  Lying in the (G) shadows of my bedroom
  (A) I knew it when (D) we made love
  And I (G) couldn't quit calling her name
  And I've been (A) hit by another (G) fast movin' (D) train
  And I've been (A) hit by another (G) fast movin' (D) train

(A) (A) (Asus4) (A) (G) (G/F#) (G/E) (D)

I wondered as I lay there and held her
Why can't this be real?
Why the fear wouldn't let me tell her
How could she make me feel
I doubt it if she would even be around
When the moment comes
I waited till she fell asleep
To whisper
Baby, look what you've done.

Repeat Chorus Twice

Fade Out
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