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Rhett Akins - Don't Get Me Started (Chord)
Album: Somebody New (1996)
Submitter: Deleted Member (0) on 8/21/01 5 comments
Month Views: 662 | Total Views: 11,553
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              1/2              1       1/2 1/2


            A                      D     
Well it was January, not the fourth of July
A snow white morning, and a clear blue sky
We were miles from nowhere,
    D                    E
But somehow another love found us
        A                      D
We were laughing and looking in each others hearts
Talkin' and touchin' (and) trying so hard
A                           D        E
Not to notice what was going on all around us

There were fireworks flashing
Thunder Clapping
Big waves crasing on the shore
           A                     F#m
There were church bells ringing, angles singing
   D                        E
All gathered around heavens door
D                  C#m
Then we kissed and I saw the light
D                            E
I could go on about this all night
    A                            D                   F#m
Hey darlin' if you don't want to hear how the waters parted
D    E
Don't get me started

A                           D
Naw don't get me started I'm warning you
Unless you've got an extra week or two
    A                    D                   E
You know darn well how I get when you get me goin'
A                       D
Naw don't get me taking 'bout us
About the day we fell in love
A                         D                 E
Unless your longing for a dose of strong emotion

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Anyone know what the r is suppsoed to mean?
-CouesFanatic | 3/23/2004
That song will get you laid!
-JWOOD | 8/26/2004
the note is bent 1 whole step. the r is indicating the release of the bend.
-vacountryboy | 11/19/2004
Not that its real important but the last two lines of the chorus need fixin. I think it should go:
Play an A on HEY, play a F#m on Hear, play a D on Parted, play an E on DON"T, play an A on Started

ADD a D chord at the end of the second verse to go into the transition to repeat the last two lines of the chorus

-floydian | 12/13/2005
Capo 2- G/Cadd9/D, Em for the F#m, Bm for the C#m, much easier...
-maynard1 | 7/8/2015
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