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Rhett Akins - Friends With Tractors (Chord)
Submitter: waterfowler (0) on 7/14/08 5 comments
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Friends with tractors
Rhett akins

G 	  	  	  	     Cadd9 	 
Iíve got a friend in California that moved off to LA
D 	  	  	  	       Cadd9 	  	  G     	     
He hops off with them movie stars and thinks heís got It made.
G 	  	  	  	     Cadd9 	 
But if he gets into a bind he canít count on all them actors
D 	  	  	  	    Cadd9 	  	  G 	  	 
Iíve got all the back I need cause Iíve got friends with tractors.


Cadd9 	  	  	    G
Theyíll grow the groceries, haul the load
D 	  	    G    
Pull you out then fix the road
Cadd9 	  	  	 G
Theyíre good at slowing speeders down
When they pass through from out of town
Cadd9 	      G 	  	 D                    Em7
I live out in the country, happily ever after
Cadd9 	    G 	  	             D 	  	  	 G
Iíve got everything I need, cause I got friends with tractors.

Come Friday night we hit the woods
To go bogging in our trucks
And itís just about a guarantee some good ole boyíll get stuck
But where I come from you can bet your butt a mudhole aint a factor
Iíll sink mine to the floorboards cause Iíve got friends with tractors


Them fancy five star restaurants will leave you barely fed
They charge you for the water, the butter, and the bread.
Their gourmet meal looks more to me like fish bait on a cracker
But Iíll stay fat and happy cause Iíve got friends with tractors.


(strum one time on each chord)
When snow piles up on lanbow field, donít
Worry bout them packers
D 	  	  	  	 D 	  	  	 Cadd9 	  	 G 	 
Cause old brett favre Ďs a country boy and heís got friends with tractors.


 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
the chords got a little off when i submitted it but i believe its pretty easy to figure out. i saw rhett in corinth the other night and i think this is how he played it.
-waterfowler | 7/14/2008
sounds awesome to me!!!
-kailani430 | 12/16/2008
the lyrics are a bit different from the version i have; but i'm liking the chords. btw it's "rodney atkins" :P
-A.Northern.Paradise | 11/9/2009
atleast i think; sorry if i'm wrong (:
-A.Northern.Paradise | 11/9/2009
actually rhett wrote it and recorded it on his down south album then rodney recorded it and changed the lyrics a little.
-waterfowler | 1/24/2010
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