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Rhett Akins - Kiss My Country Ass (acoustic Version) (Chord)
Album: People Like Me (2006)
Submitter: Georgewb (2) on 5/27/08 4 comments
Month Views: 688 | Total Views: 22,085
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This is how Rhett plays it on a live acoustic performance on

Drop D Tuning.

A+: --0--  D: --2--  G: --3--  G+: --0--
    --0--     --3--     --0--      --0--    
    --4--     --2--     --0--      --0--
    --5--     --0--     --0--      --0--
    --5--     -----     --2--      --3--
    --0--     -----     --3--      --3--

Intro: D Cadd9 Riff 1: e --0--0--0--  D (Twice)
                        B --0--0--0--
 	               G --2--4--2--
 	               D --3--5--3--
 	               A --3--5--3--
 	               D --0--0--0--

Riff 2: --0--0--

Riff 3: -------- (Repeat 4x)

(Verse 1)
Tearin' down a dirt road, rebel flag flyin', 

'Coon dog in the back. (Riff 2) 
Truck bed loaded down with beer, 

An' a cold one in my lap. 
Earnhart sticker behind my head, 
An' my woman by my side. 
Tail-pipe's poppin', the radio's rockin'

Country Boy Can Survive. 
(Riff 3)
Well, if you got a problem with that, 
       Cadd9  A+  G+  D     (Riff 1)
You can kiss my country ass.  

(Verse 2)
Well, I love Turkey calls, overalls, 
                                                  (Riff 2)
Wrangler jeans: smoke nothin' but Marlboro reds. 
Tattoos up an' down my arms, 

An' deer heads over my bed. 
My Granddaddy fought in World War Two, 
An' my Daddy went to Vietnam. 
An' I ain't scared to grab my gun, 

An' fight for my homeland. 
(Riff 3)
If you don't love the American flag, 
       Cadd9  A+  G+  D
You can kiss my country ass. 

            A+                   D
If you're a down home, backwoods redneck, 
       A+           G+         D
C'mon, stand up an' raise your glass. 
           A+                 D
But if you ain't down with my outlaw crowd, 
       Cadd9  A+  G+  D    (Riff 1)
You can kiss my country ass. 

(Verse 3)
Well, there's a whole lotta high-class people out there, 
                           (Riff 2)   
That's lookin' down on me. 
'Cause the country club where I belong, 
                       D (mute it and pause)
Is the Honky Tonk till three in the mornin'. 
I don't wear no fancy clothes, 
No ties or three-piece suits. 
You can find me in my camouflage hat, 

My tee-shirt an' cowboy boots. 
(Riff 3)
If that don't fit your social class, 
       Cadd9  A+  G+  D
You can kiss my country ass. 

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 4)
            D (mute)
Cause I'm a front-porch sittin', 
D (mute)        D (mute)
Guitar pickin', moonshine sippin', 
D (mute)             D
Bacca juice spittin' country boy from the woods. 
      D (mute)               D (mute)
An' I love fried chicken an' blue gill fishin', 
    D (mute)            D
An' outlaw women, an' I wouldn't change if I could. 
A+                                                                G+
I ain't tryin' to start no fight, but I'll finish one every time. 
You just mind your own damn business, 

And stay the hell outta mine. 
(Riff 3)
If you got a problem with that, 
       Cadd9  A+  G+  D   
You can kiss my country ass. 

          (Riff 3)
I said if you got a problem with any of that, 
        A+      G+
You can kiss my natural born, 
A+             G+
Redneck to the bone, 
A+          G+      D
Ever-lovin' country ass. 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
song really doesn't sound right drop d tuned. Why is it drop d tuned?
-tuskfire8 | 9/16/2008
That's how Rhett plays it, but play it the way it sounds best to you...
This is more of a rough forum, you're more than welcome to tweak it however you like...
-Georgewb | 9/16/2008
i think this song only sounds right in drop d , i dont see what is being missed in the sound
-bellaandscrappy | 3/9/2010
PERFECT! this is exactly the version i was looking for. I didn't want blake shelton's pop-country version. i first heard this song when i watched rhett play it on the Tommy Wilcox show on youtube and i think it's done much better as an acoustic. i can already see myself playin it at the lake by the bon fire! Thanks boss!
-pickupman_2007 | 3/9/2011
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