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Rick Moranis - Five Star Motels (Chord)
Submitter: twizzle05 (36) on 2/25/06 1 comment
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Five Star Motels
written by Rick Moranis
Album: "The Agorophobic Cowboy"

INTRO: Bb  F  Bb  F  C

      C                     F
I was datin' some girl from Dayton
                    G                            C
When I got a little noisy with someone else from Boise
I did some yoga in Saratoga
               G               C
Wound up with lombago from San Diego

It got a little clamy one night in Miami
Made me wish again to be back in Michigan
I got too cute that time in Butte
Finally hit my quota in Sarasota

        Fmaj7                  C
I wanna stop all this frequent flyin'
     G7                      C
Stay clear of those friendly skies
    Fm                C
Too tired of all this tryin'
         D7                      G
I need a map to keep track of my lies
        Bb              F              Bb               F         C
No more rental cars and mini bars, macadamaia jars, and five star motels

I had a folly one night in Raleigh
Man it was scenic on down in Phoenix
I went bonkers one night in Yonkers
But it was costin' too much in Boston


I wanna shredder this rail pass
I gotta get back on the right side of the tracks
I wanna switch directions fast
It's just easier to stick to the facts
No more don't tells and won't tells, I'm done with these five star motels


I'm gonna pull the wheels off this wheel estate
Park it on a pretty piece of land
Find a hometown girl that I can show the world
And tell the boys that I'm leavin' the band
I kept a stash of petty cash for a weddin' bash in the finest hotel


We were playin' some bars one night on Mars
When a gal from Pluto lookin' for a little judo
I started to swoon, orbiting her moon
If I lived on Jupiter I couldn't have been stupider

        Fmaj7                  C
I can't blame you for what you see
        G7                   C
You are light years ahead of me
  Fm                    C
I messed around with re-entry
      D7                       G
We're just not from the same galaxy
              Bb         F               Bb                F
It's just the way I am, sorry ma'am, but I'll be damned to five star
  Bb                F               Bb                     F
I won't tell if you don't tell it's just as well in these five star
Bb                        F             Bb                      F         C
There's no hope, it's the way I cope, I stole the soap from the five star motel 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
The opening guitar part is close, however your tab is off just a little bit. It should be C, then hammer on the 7th note for the C chord then drop to the Bb. Good job though!
-j_tlong2002 | 12/7/2005
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