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Rodney Atkins - My Old Man (Chord)
Album: Honesty (2012)
Submitter: palamin0 (105) on 7/18/03
Month Views: 395 | Total Views: 5,910
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Artist: Rodney Atkins
Title: My old man
chords by: palamin0 at

Rodney Atkins - My old man

    ----Capo 1st fret)----

Intro - D - G - D - G

(verse 1)
D        D/F#           G               A
I got a picture of him bare foot in the mud,
D           D/F#               G        A
Behind his grandpa's plow and two gray mules,
D        D/F#                   G           A
When he turned ten years old in May fifty three,
D           D/F#            G         A
He grew up fearin  God in Washburn, Tennesee,

      F#m                 Bm                   D     A     
The closest thing that he had to a dad was his uncle Bob,
F#m                Bm                   G               F# 
And he could only dream of things like little league baseball,
        G             A                  F#m     Bm       
That little boy with big blue eyes and callused hands,
      A          D  - G - D - G
mm became My Old Man,

(verse 2)
D          D/F#                     G        A
She was a Kentucky girl born on Valentine's day,
D         D/F#                G           A
A fourth child of five to my grandma Uma May,
D            D/F#                 G                A
So shy and beautiful with sunset hair and emerald eyes,
D       D/F#            G                 A
Daddy spent his life workin in the coal mines,

F#m                 Bm              D           A
And in my eyes, all of my life, my dad's been a saint,
F#m        Bm                   G            F#     
But even saints need angels to show them the way,
           G           A                      F#m             Bm    
And over thirty-seven years ago he asked for Margaret Lynn's hand,
          G            A      D    
And that angel married My Old Man,

             F     Am                 G              
There were times I tried to buck the truthful things they said,
F                  Am                  G  
Now I'm glad that more than once they rattled my stubborn head,
Bm                   E                     A     C#m   F#m - E---walk down  
Cause my folks are just like mountains I look at from afar,
              G      Bm               G          A 
But now the closer I get to them the bigger they are,

(ending verse)
F#m            Bm                   G                  A  
Time seens to fly anymore and the holidays are so far apart,
F#m               Bm               G                   F#
There's no way a phone call could express what's in my heart,
G                  A               F#m       Bm   
So this is just a song to say How thankful I am,
      G       A      Bm A      G   A      D - G - D - G   
For momma and My Old Man, for momma  and dad,

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