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Rodney Crowell - Earthbound (Chord)
Album: Fate's Right Hand (2003)
Submitter: lmofle (116) on 11/12/03 1 comment
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By Rodney Crowell

G                                                       Em
I could shed my skin and in the blink of an eye I could fly, fly, fly
G                                                                Em
Tie my dreams up in a sack and lay my head down on the track and die, die, die
C                                    G
My life's been so sweet I just can't stand it
  Bm                              D
I must admit I've made out like a bandit
G                                                                 Em
Last night's conversation with a real good friend of mine drinkin wine, wine, wine
     G                                                               Em
Said fifty years of livin and your worst mistakes forgiven just take time, time, time
C                                      G
One man's lust for life brings world reknown
        Bm                                  D                 G
And the next guy can't get two feet off the ground, heís earthbound

Chorus 1:
Earthbound, hear the wind through the tops of the trees
Earthbound, summer sun nearly ninety degrees
Earthbound, big ol' moon sinking down
                     D               G
Think I might stick around, Iím earthbound

I knew love once way back when she had almond eyes and olive skin and long black hair
She was Irish Spanish mixbreed I was southeast Texas hayseed, we were almost there
Her daddy didn't like my kind around
True love took the next train out of town, earthbound

Chorus 2:
Earthbound, where there's fathers and daughters in pain
Earthbound, mama's boy walking home in the rain
Earthbound, like a ship run aground 
Think I might stick around, Iím earthbound


With each new day that passes I'm in need of thicker glasses but it's all OK
Someday I'll be leaving but I just can't help believing that it's not today
Every golden moment I have found
I've done my best to run right in the ground, earthbound

Chorus 3:
Earthbound, see the sky big and beautiful blue
Earthbound, fallen angels are talkin' to you
Earthbound, keepin' close to the ground think I might stick around

Chorus 4:
Earthbound, Tom Waits, Aretha Franklin, Mary Karr
Earthbound, Walter Cronkite, Seamus Heaney, Ringo Starr
Dalai Lama, Charlie Brown think I might stick around
Iím earthbound
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great song, and excellent tab. Keep it up.
-BIGTEX1813 | 12/6/2004
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