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Roger Miller - King Of The Road (Chord)
Submitter: 6string (1) on 8/21/02 3 comments
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King of the Road by Roger Miller
in the key of C

C=X32010  Dm7=xx0211
F=XX3211   C9=x3233x -you can get away with using a normal C

  C             F              G7           C
1.Trailer for   sale or rent   Rooms to let fifty cents
2.Third box car midnight train Destination  Bangor Maine

  C            F             G7          Dm7 G7
1.No phone no  pool no pets  I ain't got no  cigarettes
2.Old worn out suit & shoes  I don't pay no  union dues
  G7      C            F
1.Ah but  two hours of pushing broom buys an
2.I smoke old stogies  I have found

  G7                C
1.eight by twelve   four-bit room
2.Short but not too big around

  C         C9 F                 G7          C
1.I'm a man of means by no means King of the Road
2."                                             "
  C            F                        G7
3.I know every engineer on every train all of the children &
 C                                     F
 all of their names, and every handout in every town, and
 every lock that aint locked when noes around.
 I sing (then repeat #1)


 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Replace the c9 for a c7
-mikerussell | 9/3/2002

-mikerussell | 9/3/2002
Chords are OK, but the printed structure is hard to follow.
I'd suggest a re-do in the structure simmiliar to version 2; keeping all
the words per verse in the same stanz text.
Nice to see this though. Roger's been gone a while, but he still
pops up on reruns of the Johnny Carson Show on cable.
-eric_steinmetz | 12/11/2002
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