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Ryan Bingham - Bread And Water (Chord)
Album: Mescalito (2007)
Submitter: deereman82 (21) on 11/9/08 5 comments
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Ryan Bingham - Bread and Water

Ryan does this song with a slide guitar, and he may have it tuned differently I am not sure.
This is the way I do it on an acoustic normally tuned guitar.

Capo 2

Into and between verses    D  Asus4 D Bm G D  Quickly follow along with the recording.

D                  Asus4          D             G
I've lived without bread and I've lived without water,
D                  Asus4              G             D
Stuck outside the middle of the desert wishin' I was home.
D             Asus4     D                  G
Long way from no where, wishin' I was somewhere,
D         Asus4         G          D
Sombre de Cristo to the Devils Backbone.

I've been to California and North Carolina,
Hung with the hippies in Austin and the cowboys of Mexico.
I've laid up in Fort Worth with beautiful ladies,
hitch hiked on down 281 and hit the rodeo in San Anton...

In the back of a Ranchero, I rode down to Laredo,
had a good time with the la posadi, yea you know I was left alone.
On a rig out of El Paso, rainin' down in Houston,
told the truck driver put the pedal to the metal cause Houston gets me down.
On down to Louisiana, Whiskey River Landing,
crawfish pie and eat jambalaya with a big ole coon ass smile. 
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on the hitch hiked part he says 281 instead of tujuana and also its played in Open E Tuning
-lte_622 | 11/11/2008
Thanks greatly to you, and everyone else who has worked to put up Ryan's songs. Great stuff, amazing artist. A couple of comments:

>Sombre de Cristo

The Sangre de Cristo is a chain of mountains ranging from Poncha Pass in Colorado down through New Mexico to Glorieta Pass. This range rises up from the ground very dramatically, visible from most anywhere along the route, a great "compass". Spanish for "Blood of Christ", so named by the Spanish for the dramatic red sunrises and sunsets over it. Could be Sombre of course - you are welcome to your interpretation anyway. "Hat of Christ". Could be an inside joke :)

Tuning: haven't yet tried it, but probably in open D? Slide players love open tunings for obvious reasons. Saw him this past weekend on ACL, great show. Great band, great live, great songs, great talents.

Thanks again to you and others for the lyrics and chords.

-gnr23 | 2/10/2009
i thought sombre meant shadow? sombre de cristo = shadow of Christ?
-OleMissRebel30 | 2/18/2009
Wow, I had a serious senior moment - of course OldMiss is correct. And it fits wells. But I'm pretty sure _he_ is saying Sangre de Cristo, and in fact, although it doesn't sound like it, I seem to believe that the line is "Sangre de Cristo, the devil's back bone". Which fits (to me) given the Sangres tracking long stretches of highway up through New Mexico and into Colorado. But heck, I always believe the singer can make it their own by using whatever lyrics they like, and besides, the original singer/writer often makes things ambiguous, sings it differently from night to night, etc.

On a different note, dang that version of "Snake Eyes" on ACL was incredible. The Guild sounds stunning using a pick rather than fingers, haunting. My wish is that when this comes out on his album that it is exactly as he played it that night. G D C with beautiful hammer-ons and pull-offs never sounded so beautiful.
-gnr23 | 2/21/2009
I just had a talk with a friend of mine who also happens to be the sound guy for Ryan Bingham. he said that it is for sure open E and that he didn't know the exact chords but they were easy to figure out once you got it in tune. i played around with it for a while and these chords sound like they are right
-cecil71 | 2/27/2009
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