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Ryan Bingham - Country Roads (realigned) (Chord)
Album: Roadhouse Sun (2009)
Submitter: Buckaru2 (1) on 8/10/09 3 comments
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Country Roads, Ryan Bingham 

from the album "Roadhouse Sun"

Note: The harp overdub is hard (for me) to cut through and I don't know enough
about it to say how it affects what you hear. I would have sworn that I heard 
an A-minor in that main sequence, but now I think it was the heavy distortion
added to the harp. Anybody got another idea? I don't do this very often and 
don't always trust my ear so if you got a better plan, let's see it.  And 
somebody should add the tab for the harp. Great song, fun to play, 
a real stomper in my list.

Intro:  C  G  F  F  G  C  x 2

V 1

C           G         F
Do you really think you know,

F       G     C
Exactly where I stand,

C         G       F
Or did I just let you down,

F                 G            C
When you found  I was just a poor man,

C         G                F
 I might of took a few wrong turns,

F     G        C
Down a few wrong roads,

C           G         F
Wound up in a few wrong towns,

F           G      C
Where nobody cares or goes.

C        G        F            (listen for the quick note 
                                      picking on the F chord -- nice touch)
It ain't that I can't see,
C      G     F
Or find my way home,
      C        G        F
It's just that I like to breath,
Out on country roads.
C  G  F  F  G  C  (only one progression after first chorus 
                               -- that changes later)

V 2
I've never been much on down town,
Or cared for a place to stay,
I know I'll never wear a crown,
I'll never be a king of slaves,
Wash my hands in the rain,
I've spent my time with the whiskey,
I'll never give up on change,
Or give a f**k ("damn" on album) if you will ever miss me.

 Chorus: repeat   -- follow chorus with  C G F F G C  (twice)

V 3
I know I'll never stick around.
I'll never lose track of time,
Or worry about a little old town,
Or what I might of left behind,
I'll just let the sun shine down,
I'll just let them big wheels roll,
Keep on running around,
Them old country roads.

Chorus: repeat  -- follow chorus with C G F F G C (x4 then fade)
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Good job with the tabs. I am no expert and just learning the harp, but the best I can tell so far is that he is playing straight harp in the key of C. Blowing in holes 7 and 8. Still working it out.
-thurlkill | 1/12/2010
try a G harmonica. starts off with a pull in the 6 hole. you will figure out the rest if you mess with it
-tenrag40 | 6/25/2010
I like the Am in the intro and harp breaks, at least just playing acoustic without the harp, nice tab, one of my favorites
-txmusicplyr | 12/8/2010
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