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Ryan Bingham - Sunrise (capo 2) (Chord)
Album: Mescalito (2007)
Submitter: Shortyboi33 (2) on 6/11/14 1 comment
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The way this song is played is pretty tricky. I'm not sure is this is how Ryan
plays it, but its pretty damn close.

You will need a capo. But you need to flip the capo upside down. Yes upside
down. If you notice the bottom part of the capo is a little over half the length
of the top bar. Place it exactly how you regularly would on the second fret,
making sure the rubber piece is pressing down on the A, D, and G string like it
shows below (Make sure the other strings are NOT touching the capo):


Now the Chords are simple:

  G6  Asus2 Bsus4 C#m7 Dsus2  Dadd2

(Make sure to follow your strum through to the open E and B to get that ring)

Intro (Finger Picking): (G6) (Asus2) (Bsus4) (Dsus2),
                        (G6) (Asus2) (Bsus4) (C#m7) (Dsus2)

(Dadd2) (Dsus2) (Bsus4) (G6), (G6) (Asus2) (Bsus4) (Dsus2)

(G6)   (Asus2)
Here I go again
(Bsus4)             (G6)
Straight up out the motel
(G6)    (Asus2)         (Bsus4)   (Dsus2)
Hock my guitar out of a pawn shop jail
(G6) (Asus2)        (Bsus4)   (Dsus2)
If I quit, I'm just rolling the dice
(G6)    (Asus2)         (Bsus4)   (Dsus2)
Couldn't pass up the red beans and rice

(G6)   (Asus2) (Bsus4) (G6)
Oh, my my
(G6)           (Asus2)
See them girls shake their ass
(Bsus4)        (Dsus2)
Underneath the sunrise
(G6)   (Asus2) (Bsus4) (G6)
Oh, my my
(G6)           (Asus2)
Taste the sugar on their lips
(Bsus4)    (Dsus2)
Underneath that moonlight

(Dadd2) (Dsus2) (Bsus4) (G6), (G6) (Asus2) (Bsus4) (Dsus2)

Well I've never met the devil with a one-eyed dog
You can lead a blind man out of Vietnam
Everybody's beggin, everybody wants a chance
Stuck in a storm, we'll do a rain dance

I'm taking my chances
I'm taking my sins
Throwin' 'em down the hill and i'll watch 'em come around again
Watched 'em fall, watched 'em rise up to the sky
A hundred miles an hour across the river to the other side

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-Shortyboi33 | 10/29/2015
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