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Ryan Bingham - The Other Side 2 (Chord)
Album: Mescalito (2007)
Submitter: avirdell (0) on 8/5/08 3 comments
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Alright, this is one of my favorite songs of all time and it's kinda hard to play
 especially if your a beginnerbecause it uses a lot of barre chords and muted
 strings but if you listen to the song you'll pick it up. This is only my second
 tab so bear with me and there will probably be a few mistakes but just comment
 and i'll fix em' I'm going to put a sound byte up for those of you that want to
 learn the song but don't have it. O and I almost forgot...Bingham's the s**t.
C#m x46654
G# 466544
barred A...not sure about the real name so I'll call it BA 577655
E x22100
A x02220
B x24442

The intro is C#m G#, slide back and forth to BA twice and then to E

Everytime I turn around
A man tries to get me down
BA                         E
I just can't see your face
I'm blinded by the sun
Living on the run
BA                             E
And I can't remember this place

B               A        E
Take me to the other side
B               A         E
Wind won't you let me ride
(Let me go, and I'm high)
B                    A                E
Take me to the other side, pretty mama
B                    A               E
And on the wind won't you let me ride

Everytime I turn around
A man's trying to get me down
I just can't see your face
I'm driving down the river
Mama said i'm goin' (?)
It's time to put the hammer down


After you play the Chourus after this verse just play B A E a few times after
for the "solo"

Cowboy's your given name
Nothing ever stays the same
'Cept the rain falling down
You can't keep from goin'
No the wind is always damn cold
It's time to put the hammer down


Won't you take me to the other side
On the wind won't you let me ride 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
nice andy.... good job on that.... and yes bingham is the s**t....... P.S. get a thicker slide
-lte_622 | 11/11/2008
Yes my fellow guitar players bingham is the s***t.
-krs121 | 1/29/2009
Good job on the tab -- I think the barred A chord would just be called an A (5th fret) but most folks could (should be able to figure that out) so just go with A. Great song -- just found Bingham in the last few months and really go for it. His use of distortion makes the tabs difficult to pick out and I know how hard that is. Thanks for the effort -- keep it on!
-Buckaru2 | 11/2/2009
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