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Sawyer Brown - All These Years 2 (Chord)
Album: Cafe On The Corner (1992)
Submitter: WildCard76 (175) on 8/18/03 4 comments
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Sawyer Brown
Album: Greatest Hits 90-95
Submitted by: Christopher R.
August 19, 2003

Capo 4th Fret


Em     =   022000
D/F#    =   xx4230
G      =   320003
C      =   x32010
Am     =   x02210

Intro: (Em)  (D/F#)  (Em)  (D/F#)  (Em)  (D/F#)  (C) 

(Em) She likes ad(D/F#)venture with sec(Em)urity (D/F#)
(Em) And more than (D/F#) one man can prov(G)ide 
(Em) She planned ad(D/F#)venture feeling (Em) sure that he (D/F#)
(Em) Would not be (D/F#) home Ďtil after (G) five

(D) He turned on the lights and turned them (Am) off again
(C) And said the one thing he could (Em) say

All (D/F#) these (G) years
Where have I (D) been
Well Iíve been (Em) down the road from (D/F#) work and home a(C)gain
And (D) Iím still (G) here, until Iím (D) gone
And donít you (Em) rub it in too (D/F#) hard that Iíve been (C) wrong
(D) All these (G) years (D/F#)

(Em) She said youíre (D/F#) not the man you (Em) used to be (D/F#)
(Em) And he said, (D/F#) Neither is this (G) guy
(Em) She said thereís (D/F#) some things that you re(Em)fuse to see (D/F#)
(Em) But I guess (D/E) sometimes so (G) do I

(D) She made no excuse why she was (Am) lying there
(C) She said the one thing she could (Em) say

(D/F#) All these (G) years
What have I (D) done
I made your (Em) supper and your (D/F#) daughter and your (C) son
(D) Still Iím (G) here, and still (D) confused
But I can (Em) finally see how (D/F#) much I stand to (C) lose
(D) All these (G) years 

(D/F#)  (Em)  (D)  (C) 

(D) Iím still (G) here and so (D) confused
But I can (Em) finally see how (D/F#) much I stand to (C) lose
(D) All these (G) years 

(G)   (D/F#)  (Em)  (D)  (C)  (D)   (G) 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
minor corrections needed to the lyrics, but still a 10 otherwise
-EMRLDEYZS | 1/13/2004
I do not play that well, but this does sound very good...thanks.
-rdliebst | 7/16/2004
On your D/E you have a chord shape of XX4232 - wouldn't a D/E be XX2232 ?
-lmofle | 12/1/2005
Thanks man. I meant for it to be a D/F#.
I type too quick sometimes.
-WildCard76 | 12/1/2005
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