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Shenandoah - I Got You (Chord)
Submitter: WildCard76 (54) on 1/15/04 1 comment
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(NOTE: To replicate album tone, use 320033 for G and x32033 for C)

Intro:  (G)  (G)  (G)  (G)

We got (G) married one afternoon in May
Never did see the light of day
(C) On our honey(G)moon
We didn't have much when we started out
Your grandma's bed, in a 3 room house
(C) But, we made (G) do
(Am) Oh, (C) I got (G) you
(Am) Oh...(C) I got (G) you

You coulda (G) had the boy you used to know
He's a millionaire up in Ohio
(C) Your mama told me (G) so
When the best I could do was the factory
You didn't get much when you got me
(C) Baby, that's (G) true
(Am) Oh, (C) but I got (G) you
(Am) Oh...(C) I got (G) you

 	 (D) I got something that money can't buy
 	 (C) Cross my heart and I hope to die
 	 (Am) Don't need nothin' that I can't afford
 	 (C) I got you, and I (D) thank the Lord

Now, if (G) all that's left is the rockin' chair
I'll be fine knowin' you'll be there
(C) Rockin' (G) too
(Am) Oh, (C) I got (G) you
(Am) Oh, (C) long as I got (G) you
(Am) Oh...(C) I got (G) you
(Am) Oh...(C) I got (G) you

Fade out...
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I don't mean to step on toes wildcard, but I think the Am at the ends of the chorus should be an F. What do you think?
-clay98 | 1/20/2010
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