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Shenandoah - I Wanna Be Loved Like That (Chord)
Submitter: Deleted Member (0) on 8/9/01 1 comment
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Key of G
Intro:  G, D, C, G, D, C

G 	  	  	 C 	  	 Em
Natalie would give her heart to James Dean
  C 	  	  	   D 	   G    D  C
A high school rebel and a teenage queen
G 	  	  	 C 	 Em    C 	  	       D 	       G
Standing together in an angry world, one boy fighting for one girl

G 	    C 	  	 G 	  	 D    C 	    G
I wanna be loved like that, I wanna be loved like that
G 	  	 C 	  Em
A promise you can't take back
   C 	  	  	   D 	  	 G 	  D C G D C
If you're gonna love me I wanna be loved like that

      G 	  	  	 C 	 Em 	 C 	  	     D   G  D C
Daddy never gave mama a diamond ring, mama never wanted for anything
    G 	  	  	 C 	  	 Em
But what he gave her it came from the heart
     C 	  	  	  D 	 G
In a bond that was never torn apart

chorus-(stay on the G chord at the end, then go into solo)
   G 	     C 	  	 G 	 D   C  G  C 	   G 	   C  Em  D
   G 	  	     C 	  Em 	 C 	  	  	 D 	  G  D C
An old man kneeling all alone, plants his flowers in a garden of stone
    G 	  	     C 	  	 Em
For seven years now she's been gone
    C 	  	     D 	  	 G
And his devotion is still going strong

chorus: up to (if you're gonna love me) then play all of chorus
Outro:  G  D  C  G 
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the first line, it's " Natalie Wood gave her heart to James Dean"
-smbz4 | 5/19/2013
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