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Steve Earle - Johnny Come Lately (Chord)
Submitter: matellmon (27) on 2/11/02 3 comments
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G                                           C
I'm an American, boys, and I've come a long way
      G                    D
I was born and bred in the USA
   Em                        C            G
So listen up close, I've got something to say
Boys, I'm buying this round
        G                                      C  
Well it took a little while, but we're in this fight
       G                           D
And we ain't going home 'til we've done what's right
      Em                      C      G
We're gonna drink Camden Town dry tonight
                   D       G
If I have to spend my last pound

When I first got to London it was pourin' down rain
Met a little girl in the field canteen
Painted her name on the nose of my plane
Six more missions I'm gone

Well I asked if I could stay and she said that I might
Then the warden came around yelling "turn out the lights"
Death rainin' down in the London night
We made love 'til dawn
                  C                        G
(chorus) But when Johnny Come Lately comes marching home
With a chest full of medals and a G.I. loan
           Em                        C     G
They'll be waitin' at the station in San Antone
                  D        G
When Johnny comes marching home

My P-47 is a pretty good ship
And she took a round comin' 'cross the channel last trip
I was thinkin' 'bout my baby and letting her rip
Always got me through so far

Well they can ship me all over this great big world
But I'll never find nothing like my North End girl
I'm taking her home with me one day, sir,
Soon as we win this war

(repeat chorus)

Now my granddaddy sang me this song
Told me about London when the blitz was on
How he married Grandma and brought her back home,
A hero throughout his land

Now I'm standin' on a runway in San Diego
A couple purple hearts and I move a little slow
There's nobody here, maybe nobody knows
About a place called Vietnam

(repeat chorus 2x) 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Awesome song, dude!!!

-lmofle | 9/10/2004
cant get any better then that dude keep up the good work your making us proud!!

-D minor | 5/27/2005
Great goin man!! dead on the song keep it up hoss!!
-waylonlover859 | 7/19/2005
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