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Steve Earle - The Devil's Right Hand (Chord)
Submitter: sanoma (11) on 4/10/02 4 comments
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"Steve Earle"
"The Devil's Right Hand"
"Transcribe" sanoma at
(E)"bout the time my daddy left to fight the big war.
(E)I saw my first pistol in the,
(B)General store,the general store I was fourteen thought
(B)it was the finest thing
(E)I ever did see.
(E)Asked if I could have it someday when I grew up.
(E)Mama dropped the pistol and she 
(B)nearly threw up, nearly threw up, I didn't understand
(B)Mama said the pistol is the
(E)devil's right hand.

(A)The devil's right hand,the
(E)devils right hand Mama said the pistol,
(E)is the(B)devil's right(E)hand.
My very first pistol was a cap and ball colt.
Shoot as fast as lightnin'but she'd load a might slow.
Load a might slow .I soon found out it'll
Get you into trouble,but it can't get you out.
So then I went and bought myself a colt 45.
It was called a peace maker,but i never knew why.
Never knew why, I didn't understand.
Mama says the pistol is the devil's right hand.
(repeat 2)
Well I got into a card game with a couple in town,
Caught a body cheatin' and I shot the dog down.
I shot the dog down,watched the man fall.
Never touched his holster,never had a chance to draw.
Early in the morning and they drug me outta bed,
Asked me how i pleaded,not guilty isaid
Not guilty I said,you got the wrong man.
Nothin touched the trigger but the devils own hand.
(repeat 2) 
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nobody has commented yet, so figured i would. Great job, i have looked for this song on every other websit but couldnt find it-thanks.
-adam_0107 | 7/2/2004
Hi tabs looks great but the lyrics?? Mama dropped the pistol and she
(B)nearly threw up, nearly threw up??? she dropped a dusin egg and nerly blew up.

-kjellvis | 10/9/2004
I think y'all will have better luck playing it like this, or at least this is how Steve usually plays it live.

Capo on 4 is right, but its C G F

key goes up a step to F# on last verse and chorus of the studio version

Live I believe Steve Stays in E

drop your pinky and middle finger up and down on that C shape (E)
just listen to the album it's real easy to get.
-runey777 | 3/9/2005
No key change?????????
-TRU | 3/24/2005
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