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Steve Holy - The Hunger (Chord)
Album: Blue Moon (2000)
Submitter: Deleted Member (0) on 5/22/02 1 comment
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Tabby Cat Music Archives
Transcribed by: Alice S. Franceschini
Written by:
Note: E is played before singing the lyrics.

     THE HUNGER   Steve Holy

G#m             B          E                   B 
She hates being on her own   But she does her best
G#m                      B      E                       B
Empty nights create the hunger    for love and tender-ness
C#m                 G#m        B                     F# 
She spends so much time alone She says it makes her wonder
C#m             G#m                 G  
If she'll ever find someone who'll make her feel alive
F#            B
Satisfy the hunger
G#m                B           E                      B   
He always reads a lot at night    But he gets tire of it
G#m                          B     E                     B
An empty house deepens his desire    for true companion-ship
C#m               G#m               B                 F#
When he sees him-self in the mirror He don't look no younger
C#m                G#m               G
He just keeps on fighting the fear that he'll go through life
F#                B 
Not satisfy the hunger

F#       G#m       E               B 
Oh the hunger The need for loving arms
F#      G#m      G              F#              B   
Oh the hunger Longing for con-tentment of the heart

Go to Lead

G#m               B        E                    B
She picks up a second job    at the all night diner
G#m       B            E                  B 
Anything she could do to fill the empty hours
C#m                       G#m    B                 F# 
And then by chance her destiny stares across the counter
C#m                  G#m              G
Lives are change by what they see in each other's eyes
 F#                  B 
They recognize the hunger

Go to chorus

Yeah the hunger

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
I just wanted to note that this is an extremely
difficult song with an odd chord progression
and it is perfectly tabbed. Great job on this
one! And we need more appreciation for Steve
Holy, he's awesome.
-cmtboy | 2/16/2003
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