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Sugarland - Baby Girl (Chord)
Album: Twice the Speed of Life (2004)
Submitter: Shantel (74) on 9/9/04 19 comments
Month Views: 65 | Total Views: 38,764
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Baby Girl - Sugarland


Intro: C  G  F  G (x2)

C         G          F
They say this town, stars stay up all night, well I
C           G              F
Donít know, canít see Ďem, for the glow of the city lights
C         G         F 
Long way from here to the place where the home fires burn
C             G                 F
Two thousand miles and one left turn

C                  G
Dear Mom and Dad, Please send money. 
F            G
Iím so broke it ainít funny
C                      G                F     G
Donít need much just enough to get me through
C                   G
Please donít worry Iím alright
     F                   G
Iím playiní here at the bar tonight
Am                   G              F
This time Iím gonna make my dreams come true
   Dm                                 F
I love you more than anything in the world
 G                C  G  F  G --(1st chorus)
Love, your baby girl

C           G         F             
Black top, blue sky, big town full of little white lies
C                 G                       F
Everybodyís your friend you can never be sure
                 C              G        
They'll promise fancy cars and diamond rings
All sorts of shiny things
C              G                         F   G
Girl youíll remember what your knees are for

C      F   C      G
I know Iím on my way
      F             C      G
I can feel it everytime I play
         F             C       G
And itís worth all the dues I pay
            Dm      G/B      F
When I can write to you and say

C                  G
Dear Mom and Dad, I'll send money. 
F           G
Iím so rich it ainít funny
C                      G                F     
Oughtta be more than enough to get you through
C                   G
Please donít worry Iím alright
     F                   G
Iím stayiní here at the Ritz tonight
C                  G                F      G
Whatta ya know we made our dreams come true
               C             G
And there are fancy cars an diamond rings
         F                    G
But you know that they don't mean a thing 
     Am             G             F
They all add up to nothin compared to you
Dm                          F
Remember me in ribbons and curls
         Dm                                 F
I still love you more than anything in the world
 G                C  G  F  G 
Love, your baby girl

C  G  F  G (keep repeating to end)
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Thanks so much. I just love this band.
The chords are simple, but the stumming patterns make this a fun
song to play. Once again- Thank you!
-PKilday | 9/10/2004
Great song and great tab! Thanks Shantel!
-SouthernDrawl | 9/11/2004
Love this song!

The first time I heard it, it really hit home.
I'm hoping to someday be a country artist and
this song kind of says it like it is.I've been
singing and playing guitar since the age of six
and I have my parents to thank for all or the
love and support along the way. I just hope
someday I can pay them back and tell them how
much I am grateful!

Thanks for such a great tab.
-KeithDreamer | 9/12/2004
This song is so awesome!!!
I love it!!!
Im glad someone finally tabbed it!
I've been waiting forever
-tobykeithlover | 9/14/2004
Great tab,glad somebody did this song it's a really fun song.
And like you said it hits home for me.Can't wait till the day
I'm sending money home.
-lancejoker | 9/23/2004
I love it, you're amazing!
-Tasuikiluver | 1/5/2005
I love this song. I want to be a country artist some day and this song is very inspiring. I hope that someday i can pay my folks back for everything they have done for me.
-Cowgirl2001 | 1/16/2005
By the way, can someone tell me the strumming patern for this song?
-guitarman723097 | 1/22/2005
I'd appreciate the strum pattern too.
-drinkn1 | 2/2/2005
if you wanna play this song w/o capo play:
capo -------- w/o capo
play 5th fret version of Ebm.
i'm pretty sure this is what they play, the Ebm took a while for me to figure out.

-kcslingblade07 | 3/21/2005
i have been trying so hard to play this song, can someone help me with the strum pattern?

-fhill16 | 4/4/2005
Super tab indeed, Shantel. Nice work :-)
-danielcraggs | 4/6/2005
for all u guys that need the strummin pattern...just listen to the song...and mess around with different patterns..thats how u learn

-paramedicca | 4/8/2005
in the first verse i think it goes "cant se'em, for the glow of the neon lights"
tab tho
-gitrdonebo77 | 5/9/2005
I love this song its my favorite of all time!
But one thing i think u should put the cords on the page so the beginers can find were to put there fingers.
And its kinda hard to find the strumming
-sweetkalie | 5/15/2005
I worked this out for the intro. Let me know what you think:

-ccbristo | 7/7/2005
Awsome! I love it!
-Cailila_Demores | 7/24/2005
For those interested in practicing the strumming pattern, suggest you go to [ ] where you can listen to this song as many times as you like.
-crcrcrcr | 8/9/2005
can someone please get some tabs for this song like that intro it is two many fret to hold at once

-fruj | 9/25/2005
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