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Tebey - We Shook Hands, Man To Man (Chord)
Submitter: axehappy (22) on 1/30/03 2 comments
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Tebey  -  We Shook hands, Man to Man

By axehappy  -  axehappy at

Play this using a capo on 1st fret.
Chord names and shapes are relative to position of capo.
Real chord names are in square brackets below.

I've complicated some of the chords a little...this is so that the song sounds better
when played solo without all the backing music.

Em7          (Fm7)          =   022033 or 020000         C(add9)   (Db(add9))   =   x32033

G            (Ab)           =   320033                   D         (Eb)         =   xx0232

D(add9)/F#   (Eb(add9)/G)   =   200230                   Am7       (Bbm7)       =   x02010

G6/B         (Ab6/C)        =   x20000                   C         (Db)         =   x32010

Dsus         (Ebsus)        =   xx0233                   D/F#      (Eb/G)       =   200232

Asus         (Bbsus)        =   x02230                   A         (Bb)         =   x02220

Am           (Bbm)          =   x02210                   G/B       (Ab/C)       =   x20003

Bm           (Cm)           =   x24432 

Thanks to Brian (trucker) for the MP3 and lyrics!!


Em7  C(add9)  G  D  

Em7       C(add9)             D(add9)/F#
 I always noticed they didn't get along.
          Am7                      G6/B
I thought that was just the way it was,
 Nothing really wrong...
Em7               C(add9)
 I came home from school one day,
And my Dad took me aside.
    Am7            G6/B
I'd never seen him cry before,
   C            D
It tore me up inside.

And he said:
G                           D/F#
Son, we need to have a little man to man,
       C(add9)            Dsus D
You're old enough now, to understand.
   G                                D/F#
In spite of all our dreams, and the best of plans,
     C(add9)               Dsus      D
Your Mom and I...don't see eye to eye...
Em7                              C
 She thinks it's best for her to go,
We'll have to get along without her,
Asus         A
How, I don't know.
He said, 'Boy, I need your help',
And then we shook hands,
Man to man.

Em7               C(add9)             D(add9)/F#
 Lord knows those next few years were rough.
A test of wills,
G6/B            C
 It was hard on both of us.
Em7           C(add9)             D/F#
 I turned eighteen and I wouldn't listen to reason.
   Am              G/B
He wanted what was best for me,
    C             Dsus    D
And I just wanted freedom.

And I said:
G                             D/F#
Dad, we need to have a little man to man...
I'll always love you,
                  Dsus   D
And I hope you'll understand.
In spite of all your dreams for me, 
And the best of plans.
C(add9)              Dsus      D
You and I, don't see eye to eye.
Em7                          C
 I think it's time for me to go,
You'll get along without me...
A7  A
  I know...
And before I left,
I tried to shake his hand...
 Em7    C(add9)  Dsus  D
Man to man.

I remember the night
I sat there watching him fade.
         Am7       G6/B
And I'll always be thankful
For the peace we made.

And he said:
G                             D/F#
Son, we need to have a little man to man.
I've always loved you,
              Dsus  D
I need you to understand.
I'm glad you lived your dreams,
And made your own plans.
And I hope you always knew,
    Dsus           D
How proud I was of you.
Em7                             C  
 Looks like it's time for me to go.
You'll get along without me...
A7  A 
  I know...
And then I kissed his cheek,
And we held hands.
Man to man.
 Em7    C(add9)  G  D
Man to man.
 Em7    C(add9)  G  D  (repeat to fade)  
Man to man.

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Thanks Axe,
Great job!
-sobaka | 1/31/2003
I've been waiting for someone to put this song on here, thank you.
It is a great song. Does anyone know who the writers are?
-ermapoop | 2/2/2003
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