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The Underwood Family - Five Pounds Of Possum (Chord)
Submitter: bluerabbit10 (63) on 12/23/08 5 comments
Month Views: 908 | Total Views: 18,551
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The Underwood Family
Also Mudcat Cafe
Chords tabbed by:  Verne Garrison
Banjo Tuned E, Key of D, Capo lst fret

Five Pounds of Possum

My children are hungry, my dog needs a bone.
                     E7                   A7  
I'm out of a job now, so I'm just drivin' home.
An hour after sundown, when what to my delight,
       D                              A            D      
There's five pounds of possum in my headlights tonight.


 There's five pounds of possum in my headlights tonight.
If I can just run him over, every thing will be all right.
We'll have some possum gravy, oh what a beautiful sight;
There's five pounds of possum in my headlights tonight.

Won't have to clean no chicken, won't have to open no cans.
Just a little bit closer, and I'll have him in my hands.
I think the time has come now, to go from "dim" to "bright."
There's five pounds of possum in my headlights tonight.
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Another low rating by someone with zero tabs,,,, I like it,,5 stars,,, well done!!!!!!
-aussief | 1/1/2011
Thanks Aussief....I see the 1 rating came from Sweden; maybe they are more familiar with this song than I am. I just heard it on you tube, I think it was...
-bluerabbit10 | 1/1/2011
this was written by Tim White in 1990 or thereabouts:
scroll down to the bio for Tim.

great song - thanks for posting it up, verne. ( i like to play it with the E7 coming halfway through the second line)
-GumboStu | 8/16/2011
Five Pounds Of Possum was written by Tim White. Mack Haun Music Co. has the publishing rights. Any recdording of this song for sale has to be licensed through: Mack Haun Music Co.
P. O. Box 447
Blountville, TN 37617-0447

Phone 423-323-3173
-mackhaun | 12/29/2012
great job, I add a G in the middle of the 1st and 3rd lines and then go back to D at the end of the line just to break it up a little I also add a single G (short walk?) between the A and D of the last line. I capo on the first and play baritone uke
-flying2bill | 4/6/2014
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