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Thomas Rhett - Sixteen (Chord)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (2383) on 1/7/19
Month Views: 1,073 | Total Views: 3,137
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Written by Joseph Michael Spargur, Sean Douglas & Thomas Rhett
Recorded by Thomas Rhett
Album: Life Changes (2017)

(Capo on 1)

Intro.:  |(C)(C/E)|(F)(G)| x 2

(Verse 1)
(C) Take a left here (C/E) boy, (F)take it (G)slow
(C) Don't get (C/E)distracted by that (F) radi-(G)o
(C) I just rolled my (C/E)eyes and I said, (F) "Daddy, I (G)know
I'm (C)fifteen, I ain’t (C/E) green like some ol' (F)ten year (G)old”

(Chorus 1)
(C) What I wouldn't (C/E)give to be (F)sixteen, (G)wild and free
(C) Cruisin' up and (C/E)down Main in my (F)F-one-(G)fifteen
(C) Roll the windows (C/E)down, bass too loud (F) from this (G)burnt CD
(C) I'll be right (F)where I wanna be when I'm (F)sixteen, (G)sixteen

Solo:  |(C)(C/E)|(F)(G)Sixteen, yeah |(C)(C/E)|(F)(G)|

(Verse 2)
(C) Now that I can (C/E)drive, finally feel a-(F)live, but I got this (G)curfew
(C) Sneakin' in (C/E)late, smelling like my (F)girlfriend's (G)perfume
(C) People talk (C/E)’bout college and (F)knowledge and that's (G)alright
But (C)all I'm think-(C/E)in’ 'bout is an unsuper-(F)vised (G)Saturday night

(Chorus 2)
(C) What I wouldn't (C/E)give to be (F)eighteen, (G)wild and free
(C) Buzzin' off a (C/E)can of the (F)Grizzly (G)Wintergreen
(C) Lookin' old e-(C/E)nough to pull (F)off this (G)fake ID
(C) I'll be right (C/E)where I wanna be, (F)when I'm eighteen, (G)eighteen

Solo:  |(C)(C/E)|(F)(G)Sixteen, yeah |(C)(C/E)|(F)(G)|

I'm (Am)old enough to smoke, I'm (F)old enough to vote
But they (C)turn me away when I go to the (G)Cotton Eyed Joe
They say the (Am)grass is always greener, and (F)I believe that's right
But my (C)friends are off to Vegas, they're (G)leavin' me behind - - -

(Chorus 3)
(C) What I wouldn't (C/E)give to be (F)twenty one, (G)wild and free
(C) Open up a (C/E)cold one and (F)drink it (G)legally
(C) Chase a bunch of (C/E)girls, go see the (F)world, let my (G)wild streak run
(C) I'll be right (C/E)where I wanna be, when I'm (F)twenty one, (G)twenty one

Solo:  |(C)(C/E)|(F)Woah, (G) when I'm twenty |(C)one (C/E)|
(F)Yeah, (G)when I'm twenty |(C)one, (C/E)it’ll be alright |
(F) Yeah, it'll (G) be alright, when I'm (C) twenty one (C/E)(F)(G)

(C)Now I'm twenty (C/E)five and I'm drinking wine (F) with my (G)wife at home
(C)Got a couple of (C/E)dogs and a couple of songs (F) on the (G)radio
(C) And we sit a-(C/E)round and we laugh ’bout (F) how we (G)used to be
(C) When all we cared about was turning sixteen - - - - - 
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