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Tim McGraw - Annie I Owe You A Dance (Chord)
Album: Two Lanes Of Freedom [Accelerated Deluxe Edition] (2013)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (104) on 2/7/13 3 comments
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Annie I Owe You A Dance
Written by James T. Slater & Tom Douglas
Recorded by Tim McGraw
Album: Two Lanes Of Freedom (Accelerated Deluxe) (2013)

(Capo on 4)

Intro.:  |(G)(D)|(Em)(C)|

I was (Em)running late again, picking (C)up a few things and there you (G)were on isle 13 (D)
I (Em)felt that old rush, when you (C)saw me you blushed like you (D)did when you were sweet sixteen
They (C)said you looked lost on the (Bm)dance floor with a (Am)lonely look in your eyes (Bm)
Don't know (C)why I didn't show to this day, I still don't know for (A)once I wish I hadn't thought twice

Then your (C)folks split up and you (Bm)moved to Colorado, and I (Am)headed out to Tennessee (Bm)
(C)Heard you got married and you (Bm)moved back home, here we (Am)are again, you and me (G)
It's no sur-(Em)prise the light in your (D)little girl's eyes (Db)shines like the ring on your (C)hand
(Am)Annie, I (D)owe you a dance

Inst.:  |(G)(D/F#)|(Em)(C)|

Don't the (Em)years fly by in the (C)blink of an eye, yeah, (G)loves I've had a few (D)
I've (Em)been a million places and I've (C)seen a million faces, but I (D)couldn't stop thinking 'bout you
Re(C)member how we'd talk for (Bm)hours, (Am)keeping each other's se-(Bm)crets,
Made a (C)promise I'd take you to (Bm)homecoming, but (Am)Annie I (Bm)didn't keep (C) it

Almost called you up, when I (Bm)played it bolder, but I (Am)thought I'd just let it be (Bm)
Heard you (C)found yourself a (Bm)real good man, do you (Am)ever think of you and me? (G)
It's no sur-(Em)prise the light in your (D)little girl's eyes, (Db)shines like the ring on your (C)hand
(Am)Annie, I (D)owe you (Em) a dance

Inst.:  / (C)|(G)(D)|(Em)(C)|(D) ---

So put your (Em)groceries in the basket, I'm (C)so sorry
Now I'm asking (G)like I should have twenty years a-(D)go
And I (Em)know it's all over, I'm just (C)looking for some closure, and there's a (D)song on the radio

You (C)give me your hand and we (Bm)start to dance, the (Am)cashier gives us a (Bm)smile
As you (C)turn and walk away, I hear your (Bm)little girl say, "(Am)Momma, who was that (G)guy?"
I (Em)shouldn't be surprised, look for-(D)giveness in your eyes, (Db)gave me a second (C)chance
(Am)Annie, (D)thanks for --- the dance |(G)(D)|(Em)(C)|(G) -----
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Thanks for the tab Koichi!!
-Kevin | 2/7/2013
I believe any member giving a song a low rating should be required to submit a justification. KK spends many hours submitting song for our members and then get it rated 1 is not fair. If a member thinks it is that bad, let them submit their version and we can rate their work. Good Job Koichi
-Ray Terry | 8/25/2014
Thanks, Ray! I'm much encouraged.
-Koichi Kondo | 8/25/2014
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