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Tim McGraw - Refried Dreams2 (Chord)
Album: Not a Moment Too Soon (1994)
Submitter: bnaguitar (0) on 7/23/04 6 comments
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Tim McGraw: 
Refried Dreams Capo 4rd fret
I made corrections to the song after watching the video and saw the capo up at the 4th fret.

Intro:   D    A    D    A 

Verse 1 :
    Last monday morning you left with no warning
    G                       D
    I started going insane, i headed south out of Dairyo  Texas
         Em7                      G - A  
    one hell of a load on my brain
    i kept on going without even knowing 
    G                               E7          
    how much your love really means
         D                          A                  D               
    now i'm messed up in mexico,  livin' on refried dreams

           G                   C        G
     I'm down here in mexico as sick as a dog 
       D                          G            D  
     My head is poundin' in this border - town fog
     Down to my last dime, 
          D                               B - C#    
     and comin' apart at the seams
           D                     A                 D
     I'm messed up in mexico,  livin' on refried dreams
       A      D    A         

verse 2 :
     This picture ain't pretty, i'm ragged and dirty
              G                    D 
     and wonderin  what i'm doin here
     shootin tequilla and wantin' to kill ya
           Em7                   G - A 
     and wishin to God you were near
     so full of your memories but feelin so empty
           G                      E7
     I've run out of my self esteem
                D                   A                 D 
     now i'm messed up in mexico, livin on refried dreams

Repeat chorus 2x :

outro:   D  A   D   A   D

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
I will check this but realize that just
because you see someone playing a song one
way does NOT mean it is the way it was
recorded. If your tab isn't in the recorded
key, I will delete it.

-lmofle | 7/24/2004
I played along with the song on the video and it worked just fine.
-bnaguitar | 7/24/2004
I forgot to add a E7 on the chorus where it says B- C#
-bnaguitar | 7/24/2004
since when is Imofle the tab 'god' who decides which tabs stay or go?
-starRider | 7/25/2004
good job! great song. fyi, first line is Del Rio, Texas, not Dairyo.
-Rumfield | 7/25/2004
that is supposed to be, "i headed south out of Del Rio, Texas"
-hossfly1 | 7/17/2011
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