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Tim McGraw - She's My Kind Of Rain (Chord)
Album: Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors (2002)
Submitter: Shantel (61) on 11/22/02 27 comments
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She's My Kind Of Rain - Tim McGraw
Album: Tim McGraw And The Dancehall Doctors
Writers: Robin Lerner/Tommy Lee James

Intro: C  G  Am  F

C                     G
She's my kind of rain, like love in a drunken sky
Am                      F
She's confetti falling down all night
C                      G
She sits quietly there, black water in a jar
Am                      F
Says baby why are you trembling like you are
      Dm          G       Dm            F
So I wait, and I try, I confess like a child

F                C  G  Dm
She's my kind of ra----in
      F                  C  G Dm
Like love from a drunken sk----y
F               C  G       Dm
Confetti falling down all night
F                 C
She's my kind of rain

C  G  Am  F

C                        G
She's the sunset shadows, she's like Rembrandt's light
Am                        F
She's the history that's made at night
C                        G
She's my lost companion, she's my dreaming tree
Am                       F
Together in this brief eternity
        Dm           G              Dm          F
Summer days, winter snow she's all things to behold


Instrumental: C  G  Am  F (x2)

     Dm           G       Dm            F
So I wait, and I try, I confess all my crimes

Chorus: (twice)
F                C  G  Dm
She's my kind of ra----in
      F                  C  G Dm
Like love from a drunken sk----y
F               C  G       Dm
Confetti falling down all night
F                 C  G  Dm
She's my kind of rain

F                 C  G  Dm
She's my kind of rain        (repeat with ad-lib to fade)

Am  =   x02210
C   =   x32010
Dm  =   xx0231
F   =   133211(bar chord) or xx3211
G   =   320003   
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
-hollisboy | 1/10/2003
Tim hot
-brittany | 1/14/2003
Great as usual, Shantel! I pretty much just look for your tabs and
print 'em 'cuz I know they're good! Keep 'em coming!
-moulenbelt | 1/14/2003
Very nice... I played it along with the song, and it is tabbed right
on! Good work!
-Brian_Freytag | 2/12/2003
wonderful tab, a great song to play for the ladies
-tdiddy` | 2/20/2003
not always are tabs done perfectly like this one, nice work

-codygreeen | 2/23/2003
I think the Dm might actually be a Dm7 (xx0211). Also, if you capo
on 5 and play a G-D-Em-C progression, the fills on the verse are
really easy to squeeze in.
-greg5446 | 3/10/2003
This tab is perfect. Tremendous job. A great tune as well.
-fenderdeluxe | 4/2/2003
Great work, I found that if you play a Dm 7 or an F again at the end
of the chorus instead of the Dm it actually sounds a little better.
Just a comment though. I may be totally wrong. You may want to try
-floydian | 4/24/2003
good tab, good tune...badly, horribly written song.
-Baumann | 5/24/2003
G....reat work on tabbing this song, and keep it
up!!!You should get payed for this, LOL!
Thankyou for doing such
excellent work!

-g8argurl | 6/1/2003
dude this tab is sweet all of the chords are right on good job
-salty | 11/17/2003
-freedom | 11/22/2003
thanks...needed it yesterday....nemO
-cowboynemo | 12/30/2003
Excellent tab.. keep it up
-CoreyG15 | 1/4/2004
Good Job. The Dm7 does sound good though.
I also use a G/B instead of a G in the intro and the verses.
-wolfgang1 | 1/8/2004
new to the site and found a lot of songs was unable to find till now. I'm in!
-woodworks | 2/19/2004
good job...but a few things wrong
-mattwood09 | 7/3/2004
good job but Dm seems... a little off... at places... sometimes dead on but sometimes.. not
-gavin3 | 7/16/2004
question about the lyrics. is it black water in a jar, or "like" water in jar??
-ibanezrx2 | 7/18/2004
Officially on the CD cover it says "black water". As far
as what that means I have no idea! lol
-Shantel | 7/18/2004
This tab kicked ass i thought it would be alot harder, Thanks
-wipp | 8/4/2004
killer tab man! She's a beauty!
-matt165 | 9/9/2004
nice tab!!
-TeleMan78 | 9/14/2004
tim mcgraw rules and so does this tab! keep them coming

-kevi | 10/6/2004
It's great tabs"She's My Kind Of Rain".Thank you,that I can play and sing like Tim McGraw.
-jimiadam | 12/5/2004
great song and is accordingly noted in key and I think Gm sounds good as G and Dm7 sounds good as well for Dm

-brio | 5/21/2005
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