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Tim Wilson - He's My Brother-in-law (Chord)
Submitter: WildCard76 (17) on 9/13/03
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 Tim Wilson
 Album: It's A Sorry World
 Capial Records
 Submitted by: christopher r.
 September 13, 2003style='font-size:1px;color:#ffffff;'>
 (No intro) 

 (No Chord) Well, he comes (C) over to the house in a three day beard 
 (F) Sleeps on the couch, makes the place smell wierd
 (C) He's on something and it damn sure ain't a (G) job
 He (C) scares the kids, stays on the phone
 He's got a (F) car somewhere for me to co-sign on
 He's (C) been disowned and his (G) wife's run off with (C) Bob 

 She (F) finally told him he wasn't worth a damn
 He (C) tries to blame it all on Vietnam
 But he wasn't there, he was twelve in seventy-(G)four
 And he's (C) got a bad back and a messy divorce
 He's got a (F) workman's comp. case tied up in court
 (C) He can't move and I can (G) sure vouch for (C) that
 (No Chord) He's my brother-in-(C)law 
 He's from Arkans(F)as
 Lord, the best (C) man at my wedding and the worst I ever (G) saw
 He's living off of (C) me 
 He's the baby of the fami(F)ly
 My wife won't (C) let me shoot him cause (G) he's my brother-in-(C)law
 (F) Everyday he smokes four packs of menthols
 (C) Makes about eight more long distance calls
 Snorts alcohol 
 Talks like Dusty (G) Rhodes
 And he'll (C) go through your wallet with a fine tooth comb
 And (F) eat your family out of house and home
 He'll (C) cuss out your preacher and (G) stop-up your comm(C)ode
 He's my brother-in-(C) law
 He's got nothing on the (F) ball
 The kind of man who'd (C) rob from Peter and write a bad check to (G) Paul
 He's gotten out of (C) hand
 He oughta be a congress(F)man
 He's the kinda fella that I (G) can't stand and he's my brother-in-(C) law
 (F) Oh, he's the (G) generic brand and he's my brother-in-(C)law
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